His three closest disciples- June 15 1980

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Hi folks,
Very nice to click around the site that I rediscovered today!
And , to my surprise, I come upon a cartoon that I drew myself!
I mean the cartoon about the 3 closest disciples, it is in the Yatri toons tab but...:
I was working in the Poona ashram in 1980 in the Dark Room Department that time, making book layouts, processing photographs of the Boss and making peanutbutter for my colleagues.
In the seat next to me Yatri was working there also! He made fabulous things, bookdesigns and cartoons! But this cartoon is not his...(you can see it, it is in a different style).
I sent it to Bhagwan because I wanted to contribute something and had no questions to ask him at all . Lakshmi asked me then if it was alright to publish it in the magazine and of course I was ok! My ego was grinning rather smug!
It is ok to have it on the site of course, but I want you to know about the background of it.
Keep up the good work
swami Paul Anand
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