WC for man


The future of the family is gone.
The commune has the future, and only the commune can make you so free that marriage becomes non-essential. Two persons decide to live together -- they live together.
They decide to separate -- they separate.
The law does not come into it; the government has nothing to do with it, nor has society anything to do with it. It is two persons' personal affair! And they are contributing to the commune for the care of their children.
Even those who don't have children -- they are also contributing to the commune, because all the children are their children. A feeling of vastness... every child is loved by the whole commune.... Every person of the age of his father becomes his uncle; every woman of the age of his mother becomes his aunt.
We are giving him a bigger, richer experience. And with this richer experience he will be a man of multidimensional capacities.
Man's liberation is absolutely necessary just as is woman's liberation. And they both should be together to figure out how they can be free.
There is no need to fight, because anything that comes out of fighting has some ugliness in it.
The liberation should come out of understanding.
All intelligent men and women should get together, and try to understand the problems all over the world and how they can be solved.
And I don't see that there are many problems.

wc for men

There are very few problems ...
which can easily be solved.


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