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Due to some misunderstandings about the reason for the existence of sexOtoons on the net here is the disclaimer.

After noticing that on the net 80% of people look for sex, that wherever the word SEX is, that page gets the most traffic. And after noticing that as soon one sticks his Neck out on the Net in the form of a Web Site or putting your Email address anywhere ... all one get's are hundreds of Porno & Penis Enlargement Junk Mail in return ...

sexOtoons got created.

1 - sexOtoons is in no way meant to associate Osho with Porno.

2 - sexOtoons uses Porno as a manipulative bite, which is working incredibly well, by:
a - Luring people who are anyway surfing the net 4 sex, into a fake Porno Cartoons Site complete with Porno Animated Toons and Sex Jokes so that they can have glimpses of Osho's insides & explanations on the matter of Pornography.
b - Inform and give a deeper understanding of the phenomena Pornography, what it really is, where it comes from, who/what's behind it, what conditions created it, the neurosis of it, who created it, when, what it does, how to transcend it, trough understanding ... through Osho's insights.
c - Encourage people addicted to virtual sex to go out and find a healthy date with someone of the opposite sex & go into sex consciously ...

3 - To let the world know about the magnificence of Osho, his understanding & his vision on all levels.

4 - To do all the above in a fun, loving & humorous way.

5 - sexOtoons is NOT responsible for any misunderstandings on this matter beside what is written in here and anything else is regarded as purely your how projections and nothing else.

6 - sexOtoons has all the interpretations, ideas, creativity & unconsciousness of the creator of sexOtoons and it does NOT portrays who Osho really is...
One has to find out by himself beyond web sites.

7 - : the Hard-Core section of sexOtoons with the Porno Animated Toons has been disabled due to possible on-line law problems.
Sorry Folks ... you came to late & you left with the quotes only.

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