With Freud a new kind of awareness has dawned on man: that suppression is wrong, that suppression brings with it nothing but self-pity and anguish. If a man fights with himself he can only ruin and destroy himself. If I make my left hand fight with my right hand, neither is going to win, but in the end the contest will certainly destroy me. While my two hands fight with themselves, I and I alone will be destroyed in the process. That is how, through denial and suppression of his natural instincts and emotions, man became suicidal and killed himself.


The Power of Denial

So if you feel yourself unhappy, you have been doing something wrong with yourself. If you cannot enjoy -- if some hesitation comes in, if you feel afraid, guilty -- it means somewhere by the corner the shadows of your parents are still lurking. You may be enjoying, or trying to enjoy, ice cream, but deep in the unconscious the shadow of the mother or the father is lurking. "This is wrong. Don't eat too much, this is going to harm you." So you are eating, but the hesitation is there. The hesitation means that the contradiction is there. Try to understand your hesitation and drop it. And this is one of the most unbelievable phenomena: that if you drop the hesitation it may come to pass that you stop eating too much ice cream automatically (because eating too much may be part of it). Because they have denied it, they have created a certain attraction in it. Every denial brings attraction. They have said, "Don't eat it," and that has created a hypnotic, a magnetic, attraction to eat it. If you stop having any hesitations, you drop all the parental voices, all the upbringing that you have been forced to go through. You may suddenly see the ice cream as just an ordinary thing.


The Beloved is present in so many forms. Lust is also His, love is also His. Bauls say, "Don't deny anything because denial is an irreverence. It is a rejection of God."


Denial is always dangerous; repression is dangerous. We have to pay tremendously for it. Accept both the polarities. The negative and the positive are both needed for the electricity to happen; the good and bad are both needed for the world to go on; they are like the two wheels of a bullock cart. The sinner and the saint are both needed. That's my approach I love the sinner as much as the saint -- and if I have to choose, if I am forced to choose, I will choose the sinner rather than the saint, because the sinner is at least authentic.


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