the female brain
At the sixth center... now if you ask the brain surgeons they will also agree with me -- they say the brain is divided into two hemispheres: man and woman, the left and the right.

The left brain is male and the right brain is female. The right brain is connected with the left hand; that's why the left hand is not appreciated -- even condemned. The right hand is associated with the left brain -- hence, right seems to be right and left seems to be wrong. It is a man-oriented world, male-dominated world. Right hand is the symbol of male, left hand is the symbol of female.

And your head is divided into two hemispheres. A poet functions from a different part of his head than a logician. A poet is more feminine. It is not just a coincidence that if you look at great poets you will find great femininity, grace, beauty, a charm, a tremendous attraction, a charisma, feminine charisma. If you look at painters you will find them a little effeminate; their dress, their long hair, their way of walking, is more feminine.


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