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Osho Comics & Cartoons Paperback
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Devakrishna Marco Giollo :: Swiss Contemporary Objective Art
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Dirty sex in Arab

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Ma DevasexyDIRTY SEX !!

Who told you that sex is dirty?

All life exists through sex, all life grows out of it.

Nothing is wrong in pure simple sex.

It is natural.

There is no need to hide it behind the beautiful word love. There is no need to create a cloud of romance around it.

Ninety-nine percent know sex only as a relief; they don't know its orgasmic quality.

Even if they think they are having an orgasm, it is not orgasm - it is just genital relief.

Orgasm has nothing to do with genitals as such. Genitals are involved in it, but orgasm is total - from the head to the toes, it is all over you.

What is orgasm?

Orgasm is a state where your body is no longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity.

It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon.

Now physicists say that there is no matter, that all matter is only appearance; deep down, that which exists is electricity, not matter.

In orgasm, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating. There are no longer any boundaries to you - pulsating, but no longer substantial. And your beloved also pulsates.

Now, sexual orgasm needs time - the longer, the better; because then it will go deeper into your being, into your mind, into your soul.

Then it will spread from the toe to the head . . . every fiber of your being will be throbbing with it. Your whole body will become an orchestra and it will come to a crescendo.

But if you are in a hurry the orgasm becomes just an ejaculation, it is no more an orgasm. It is local and very tiny, almost meaningless. In fact you will feel tired, frustrated, depressed after it, because the energy is lost and it has not given you a bath, so it was just meaningless.

You remain the old - a little more tired, of course, with less energy of course, but you remain the same. It has not been a cleansing process, it has not thrilled you from corner to corner, from end to end.

Man always likes to enter the woman immediately.

He is not interested in foreplay because his positive pole is always ready. And women are always reluctant to enter into the sex act immediately, without any foreplay, because their negative pole is not ready. . . .

And man thinks the sex act is simple. Why waste time? Enter the woman immediately - and he is finished within minutes. But the woman was not a part, she was not aroused. . . .

When the woman remains cold, the man's orgasmic experience remains local, genital.

It does not reach to his soul, it does not reach to his whole body. All his cells are not thrilled, are not in a dance. It is poor, very poor.

It is a release, a relief, but not an orgasmic experience.

Make love only when there is tremendous desire and passion, otherwise simply say, "Excuse me, it is not there, so what is the point?"

Pretending is not good.

And if you stop pretending, you will find that your depth of love-making has increased very much.

Premature ejaculation is really not a sexual problem at all; it is more a psychological problem.

Physiologically there is nothing wrong but psychologically you are in a hurry, that very hurry creates premature ejaculation.

Why has man so many ways in relating - heterosexual, bisexual, one-to-one or in a group?

Man has freedom to choose.

And this choice can make you pathological or this choice can make you a Buddha.

Now it depends on you, how you use your freedom.

Sex has been called the original sin - it is neither original nor sin.

Up to now societies have been so much against sex - religions and churches against it - that they have created a very very unconscious hatred.

You may not be aware of it consciously, you may not see it anywhere in your mind so that you can detect it.

It has gone to the very roots of the body, to the gut level, because it has been centuries that people have been taught to be against sex.

That hatred has to be dropped, that hate and condemnation has to be dropped, and that can only be dropped if you start learning a reverence for sex.

We suppress movements. Particularly, all over the world, we suppress all movements, all shaking for women.

They remain just like dead bodies.

You are doing something to them; they are not doing anything to you. They are just passive partners.

Why is this happening? Why all over the world do men suppress women in such a way?

There is fear - because once a woman's body becomes possessed, it is very difficult for a man to satisfy her; because a woman can have chain orgasms; a man cannot have.

Any woman can have at least three orgasms in a chain, but man can have only one. And with a man's orgasm the woman is aroused and is ready for further orgasms.

Then it is difficult. Then how to manage it!

She needs another man immediately, and group sex is a taboo.

All over the world we have created monogamous societies. We seem to feel that it is better to suppress the woman.

So, really, 80% to 90% of women never know what orgasm is.

They can give birth to children; that is another thing. They can satisfy the man; that is also another thing. But they themselves are never satisfied.

So if you see such bitterness in women all over the world - sadness, bitterness, frustration - it is natural.

Their basic need is not fulfilled.

Because of three basic elements in sex, you come to a blissful moment.

Those three are, firstly, timelessness: you transcend time completely. There is no time. You forget time completely; time ceases for you. Not that time ceases: it ceases for you; you are not in it.

Secondly, in sex, for the first time you lose your ego; you become egoless. You are not, nor is there the other. You and your beloved are both lost into something else.

And thirdly, in sex you are natural for the first time. You are a part of nature - a part of trees, a part of the animals, a part of the stars - a part! You are immersed into something - the Cosmos, the Tao.

You cannot even swim in it; you are not. You are just floating - being taken by the current.

These three things give you ecstasy.

The future will have a totally different vision of sex.

It will be more fun, more joy; more friendship, more a play than a serious affair as it has

been in the past. :: OshO


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