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Love at the Osho International Resort

'I felt an intense orgasm lasting five minutes.'
by Bo Janks.

Way back in 1979 I left my job, and then the United States, for an Indian guru. I fell in love with his philosophy and with the man, too.

What made an already extraordinary action even more peculiar is that I'm not gay and not religious. I was just won over by his energy and charm. Bhagwan Shree Osho Rajneesh turned my sense of self inside out and upside down. He brought me to a pitch of living I didn't think was possible.

The journey had actually begun three years earlier when I came across his book Only One Sky (originally called The Way of Tantra). When I finished the book I realized that something very deep in me had changed, something I didn't understand yet. Among the many changes that took place, my sex life took fire. Suddenly, sex had become the most important thing in my life and I was ready to devote all my time and interest to it. I even left an 18-year career in electronics to pursue full-time what seemed to be the essence of life itself-sex.

Until then I wasn't exactly a virgin. I'd played the field, picked up my share of women on the club scene and even had a few regular relationships. But after reading that book and listening to some Osho Rajneesh tapes, I found myself doing some extraordinary things. For one, I started a sex club, called the Love Center, in southern New Jersey. It was a sort of mix between a swingers club and a spiritual growth center, a combination I would never have dreamed of from my good Catholic upbringing. There I was, fucking some guy's gorgeous wife and talking about God! And that's not all. I was also able to have multiple orgasms every night, loving a large lumber of women with the highs getting higher all the time. Some nights as I lay there, with the pussy juices of a dozen women mingled on my cock, knew I was into something special, but I had no words for it.

Working a new gig as the East Coast sales manager for a California computer firm, I was able to make enough time for myself to entertain a stream of young, attractive" sexually active women. Within two years of my exposure to Osho Rajneesh, my income tripled and I was enjoying the erotic delights of more women than any man probably has the right to expect in this lifetime. Yet, the ego being what it is, I wanted more. I couldn't define exactly what it was that I wanted, but I knew it didn't have to do with numbers. I was looking for a different quality of sexuality. I wrote to the Osho Rajneesh ashram in Poona, India, to see if it could shed some light on what my next move should be.

I received a long letter from one of Osho Rajneesh's top disciples and a description of ashram life. Something clicked inside me and on December 26, 1979, I left for India. It was a long, tiring flight, but when I set foot in the ashram my fatigue disappeared. I felt I'd landed in heaven. There were hundreds of beautiful girls from all over the world.

First of all, Osho Rajneesh's sannyasis are almost universally very good looking people, the men as well as the women. When I first arrived at the ashram, I had a pretty high opinion of my looks and my level of sexual performance, and I thought I'd be King of the Mountain. Was I in for a surprise! For starters, my sexual exploits in America were worthless in Poona. I had to unburden myself of all the role and game playing I had in my repertoire, especially that of macho man. I was incredibly disappointed when I learned I couldn't take the group for at least a month, for it would take that long for me to begin to understand that spiritual sexuality is different from the swingers scene. To my chagrin, I spent the whole month being celibate, drooling over the luscious asses and breasts and beautiful faces of the willing women around me. Like Tantalus, I could reach out but I couldn't grab anything.

When I was considered ready, I was taken to the neo-Tantra group, which was held in a large underground room which might have once been a wine cellar or secret storage space.

As I entered this underground grotto" I began to tingle looking at the array of gorgeous women entering with me, I counted 16 of them, ranging in age from about 18 to 35, with a lot of blondes from Germany, Holland and California. We were instructed to take our shoes and sandals off and sit in a circle, waiting for the group leader. It took her about 20 minutes to arrive, and the wait was worth it. Her name was Baja (all the sannyasis have Indian names given them by Osho Rajneesh) and she was from South Africa. I immediately began to get stirrings in my groin, She was one of those stunning dream girls you see in centerfolds, and the first thing she said after letting us sit silently for another 20 minutes was, "take your clothes off" I didn't have to be urged on, and even though I was a veteran of group sex scenes I couldn't help getting a hard-on as I viewed the thighs, breasts, asses and luscious lips of my partners.

"Lets get one thing straight," Bala announced once we were all naked, "This group is not about love, Tantra or eroticism. It's about fucking." She looked each of the 32 participants in the eyes, taking her time so that each of us felt the impact of what she had said. Then she went on to explain that we would explore the depths of the phenomenon we knew as screwing, balling, banging, humping, plowing and dozens of other words. Finally, she informed us that if we wanted to leave the group we could do it now, but if we didn't we would be locked together in the room for the rest of the night. One woman actually did get up and leave.

Then the group started. The lights were turned out and we were told to explore one another's bodies in the darkness. But whatever else we did, we were not to fuck--not yet. So for the next half hour I crawled and rolled around the floor, feeling my cock and balls being caressed dozens of times while I had a feast fondling breasts and asses and cunts. The darkness helped remove inhibitions and I was astonished that so many women were ready to let themselves be fingered and stroked and were hot to touch so many erect cocks.

Then we went through more processes. We used bioenergetics, which involved two people of the opposite sex standing facing each other and thrusting their pelvises powerfully for half an hour. It was a kind of long-distance fucking. Next we used a confrontation technique where each person looks into his or her partner's eyes for a half hour and allows himself or herself to "be" with whatever comes up All in all we went through perhaps a few dozen processes during the three days. Some brought laughter, some produced tears, some brought up anger and some joy. What the workshop was intended to do, it did-we all found ourselves dropping our barriers to connect.

We did exercises that dealt with feelings of rejection. We worked with rape, homosexuality, fetishes, insecurities, fantasies and so on. One night there was this woman from Paris who wanted to experience four men at the same time. I was recruited as one of the men. When it came my turn to enter her, I felt as though my cock had been plugged into a live electrical circuit. I began thrusting into her and my whole body seemed alive with electricity. I began coming, but instead of a quick discharge, the feeling went on and on, as though I was getting energy from somewhere outside myself. I went on for maybe five minutes. There was no ejaculation, just what seemed a perpetual orgasm. I felt as though I'd left my body. The woman disappeared and all that was left was me and the orgasm.

All men know what it feels like to come--that electric feeling in the genitals and the thrill up the spine. But for me, just then, it felt like a Niagara Falls of energy going up and down my spine I was later to learn that this was an opening of the body's energy system and the kundalini was flowing "the Juice" that travels along the spinal column through the body's bioelectrical centers called charkas.

If I'd read about it, I'd have considered it Eastern hocus-pocus, but I was experiencing it firsthand. I also began to hear celestial sounds! It was like being in a different dimension of time and space. I sensed what I have to call the "Force of God" and under stood eternity.

However, as intense as the day's structured activities were, they paled before what took place at night when the group was locked in and told to "experiment." All the day's activities built to a mighty crescendo and we all went beyond sex to supersex, to a level that transcended what we ordinarily consider to be sexuality. We understood sex as a doorway to spirituality, an idea just not available in the west or even among most Eastern teachers. I realized that I had found a very rare opportunity.

At several points in the three-day event, audiotapes of Bhagwan were played in which he discussed the subject of sexuality. I still remember some of those words today and have them on the wall near my desk. "Never repress sex! Never be against it. Rather, go deeply into it with great clarity, with great love. Go like an explorer. Search all the nooks and crannies of your sexuality, and you will stumble upon your spirituality. Then you will become free. The future will have a totally different vision of sex for you. It will be more fun, more joy" more friendship, more play than a serious affair, as it has been in the past. Sex is just the beginning, not the end, But if you miss the beginning, you will miss the end also"

Bhagwan says that when fear disappears" love is what is left And when I saw the truth of that, I wanted to bring it into the world, to become a missionary for this extraordinary teaching and experience. I looked back even on my own sexual experience of the past and saw how childish it appeared, how it was based on performance and quick gratification.

Outside of Osho's teachings of Tantra, sex is either exploited or suppressed At the end of the three days, Bala looked at each of us with her slow, penetrating look, and each of us got what she was saying without her needing to say a word. For a while anyway, we had all used sex to transcend sex, we were at another level. The penis and vagina had been used" but only as the material appendages of something higher" something beyond this plane of existence. We were no longer victims of our training and conditioning, no longer warped by a society that lives in fear of sexual energy. For those three days we were able to get a glimpse beyond the false views of life we are given by our culture, to see into another level, the place where God hangs out.

Today, more than 20 years later, sex no longer has me in its grip. If the energy is there, I will enjoy making it with a partner, but I have never "fucked" again since that memorable workshop in Poona. Now, when I enter a woman, I enter the divine realm, and I take her with me. There's never a rush; the trip is the goal.

At every moment of our sexual contact, we are able to touch the heart of God. Simply by letting go and being a witness to whatever it is that arises. The paths are many. But for me, and for others who have shared the ultimate sexual experience, we have a special doorway to the divine.

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