two persons non-thinking are one

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Two persons non-thinking are one.
Two persons thinking are two:
two persons non-thinking are
one because there is no distinction, no boundary ...
both are in the same sane state.
Thoughts will be different, will draw a boundary of separation.
But they have no boundary and no distinctions, no differences.



... That's true, there is no need of marriage, friendship is enough.
Marriage came into existence only because man was incapable of love and friendship; it was a poor substitute.
If you love somebody there is no need to make it a legal contract.
And the legal contract cannot make it a certainty that you will love the person always.
The legal contract has no power over love.
Marriage is a legal contract; it is ownership, private ownership.
It is a licence to own the woman. Just as you have dog licences, it is a licence -- you are the owner.
This simply shows that there is no love.
Law comes in only when there is no love; otherwise, love is enough unto itself.
Love should be the primary phenomenon, and then you can bee together.
The togetherness should be a friendship and a responsibility.
When two persons love each other they are responsible, they care for each other.
No law is needed to create that caring and that responsibility; no law is capable of creating it, either.
At the most, it can impose a certain formal structure on you which will destroy your love, your friendship.
As the society becomes more and more alert and more and more conscious, as it is becoming every day, marriage is going to disappear.
Instead of marriage there will be friendship.
Just as in the past 'husband' and 'wife' were beautiful words, in the future 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend' will take a very respectable place.
Meanwhile, because you have to live in a society, you can go into...

OSHO :: excerpt Unio Mistica - Vol. 1 Chapter 10 Question 4

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