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Love is really a man trying to enter the woman. Now if that is prevented, the man will try to enter from a distance with a gun. That gun is phallic ....

Psychologists say all your weapons are phallic. Because you could not penetrate a woman's body, you penetrate somebody's body with a sword. The sword is a phallic symbol. It is beautiful to love a woman, but to penetrate somebody's body with a sword is ugly. BUT this is how things are.

And Sigmund Freud is again right when he says that all our weapons are nothing but phallic symbols: the sword, the knife, the bayonet ... they are nothing but phallic symbols. The soldier has not been allowed to enter into somebody's body, into some woman's body. Now he is going crazy to enter, now he can do anything. A greath perverted desire has entered into his being now. Repressed SEX ... he would like to enter into somebody's body through a bayonet, throug a bullet....

KILL !! KILL !!!!!

If you don't repress SEX, who wants to kill? For what? The weapons are nothing but phallic deep down. The man wanted to penetrate the woman's body and it would have been a beautiful phenomenon if it had happened in love; but it could not happen, it was not allowed. Now he is mad, he wants to enter anybody's body, in any way ... with a dagger, with a sword, with a bayonet, with a bullet. SEX has benn repressed, the politician exploited it in his own way. He needed slaves ready to die or kill.
The person who has NOT lived his life in celebration
is ready to die for anything .....


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