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You are the maya.
So, if you want to leave anything,
leave yourself.
If you want to renounce anything,
renounce yourself.
And the only way, the only way to renounce oneself is to celebrate.
Because whenever you are happy, you are not; whenever you are sad, you are; whenever you are depressed, you are; whenever you are delighting, you are not.
In bliss, in ecstacy, you disappear.
In sadness and sorrow, you again appear.
Watch. When you laugh, you are not.
In real laughter, you simply are not.
It comes out from somewhere you know not of.
It comes from beyond you.
You don't laugh: when laughter is there you are not.


Give all your energy to joy, and fear will disappear.
Ignore fear, don't pay any attention to fear, because the more attention you pay to it, the longer it will linger on.
Pour yourself totally in the direction from where joy is arising, and fear will disappear just as darkness disappears when you bring light in. Joy is light.
A joyful heart is very close to the stars. .... The joyful and the singing and the dancing and the celebrating are creating their paradise by each of their songs, by each of their dances.
Choose to be divine, choose to be more and more a celebrant, choose to be festive, so more and more flowers can blossom in your being, and more and more fragrance can become available to you. Whenever you have the opportunity to laugh, join; whenever you have an opportunity to dance, join; whenever you have an opportunity to sing, sing -- and one day you will find you have created your paradise.


...we go on thinking that someday in the future we are going to be happy, joyful, celebrating. Bauls say, "You are fools! If you want to be happy, joyful, celebrating, nothing is lacking. Right now, this moment, dance, this moment, laugh. This moment is all there is, celebrate it. People come to me and if I say to them, "Celebrate your life," they say, "Yes, that's why we have come here, to learn how to create situations in which we can celebrate." The situation is already there: trees go on celebrating, birds go on singing. What do they have? -- no bank balance, no prestige, no power. They are not presidents or prime ministers. But have you ever seen trees or birds brooding, worried, thinking of the future? No, they simply live. What has happened to man?


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