Persons like me have always been misunderstood.
A Lao Tzu, a Zarathustra, an Epicurus, have always been misunderstood.
The most religious people were thought to be irreligious because if someone is really religious, he will teach you freedom, he will teach you love.
He will not teach you law; he will teach you love.
He will not teach you a dead pattern of life.
He will teach you a chaos, an anarchy, because stars are born only out of chaos.
He will teach you how to be totally free.
I know there is fear, there is fear of freedom; otherwise why should there be so many prisons all around the world? Why should people carry prisons around their life continuously -- invisible prisons? There are only two types of prisoners I have come across a few who live in a visible prison, and the remaining who live in an invisible prison.
They carry their prison around themselves -- in the name of conscience, in the name of morality, in the name of tradition, in the name of this and that.
Thousands are the names of bondage and slavery.
Freedom has no name.
There are not many types of freedom; freedom is one.
Have you ever watched? Truth is one.
Lies can be millions. You can lie in a million ways; you cannot say the truth in a million ways.
Truth is simple: one way is enough.
Love is one; laws are millions.
Freedom is one; prisons are many.
And unless you are very alert, you will never be able to move freely.
At the most, you can change prisons.
From one prison you can go to the other prison, and you can enjoy the walk between the two.
That's what is happening in the world.
A Catholic becomes a Communist, a Hindu becomes a Christian, a Mohammedan becomes a Hindu, and they enjoy -- yes, there is a little freedom felt just when they are changing the prisons: from one prison to another -- the walk in between.
They feel good.
Again they are in the same trap in a different name.
All ideologies are prisons.
I teach you to beware of them -- my ideology included.


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