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Osho in jail


Just the other day I received four letters from four different American prisons.
All the four prisoners are asking for sannyas.
One American prisoner has been reading my books.
Since I was in that prison for one day, the authorities became interested, the prisoners became interested, so they must have ordered my books.
The prisoner has been reading those books.
Although he is an American, he writes that "Osho, reading your books, listening to you on the television, and when you were in the prison for one day, I was also here" -- he has been there for almost five years. "It was a blissful experience for me and I will never forget the day we were together in the same cell; it has been the most important day of my life. And I have been carrying something in me which I want to express to you. "You have not committed any sin -- of that I was absolutely certain the moment I saw you -- but to be innocent seems to be a greater crime than any other. And because you were talked about on the radio, on the television, your books were read all over the country, there came a moment when you were more important a figure than the president of America.
That's what triggered the whole process of destroying your commune, imprisoning you -- just to humiliate you."
I was surprised that a prisoner would have such a deep insight.
He is saying that "people like you are bound to be condemned, because even the greatest, most powerful people look like pygmies before your consciousness and your height.
It is your fault," he is saying to me. "If you were not so successful, you would have been ignored. If your commune was not so successful, nobody would have bothered about you."


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