Father Pedophilus

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No natural instinct spoils you. But repress it, then it is perverted, and slowly slowly you are spoiled by the perversion. You will be surprised -- there are Catholic monasteries where women have not entered for one thousand years. What to say about a woman, a six-month-old baby girl is not allowed to enter with her father or brother into the monastery. A six-month-old baby! Inside the monastery what do you think -- monks are living or monsters are living, who are afraid of a six-month-old girl? What kind of people are living inside? So sexually perverted.... All sexual perversion has come through your religions. Ninety percent of mental diseases have come through your religions, because of sexual perversion. You ask me what my attitude is about these messiahs, apostles, tirthankaras, avataras, paigambaras. What to say to you? I say: simply disgusting, nauseating. They have done so much harm to humanity that when humanity becomes aware, they are going to destroy all these synagogues and temples and mosques and gurudwaras and churches. These people are your real enemies, but hidden behind a facade, a mask


When repression happens, then side by side, obsession also happens.
So priests go on repressing; and there are anti-priests, Flint, Hefners and others -- they go on creating more and more pornography.
So on one side there are priests who go on repressing, and then there are others, anti-priests, who go on making sexuality more and more glamorous.
They both exist together -- aspects of the same coin.
When churches disappear, only then Playboy magazines will disappear, not before it.
They are partners in the business.
They look enemies, but don't be deceived by that.
They talk against each other, but that's how things work...

Osho The Beloved, Vol.1 Chapter 4 Question 1

Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron, the dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Australia's abusing a group of teenagers using the cathedral grounds as a skate park.

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