° Disrobe to disarm °  

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No War

I was there! 750 women turned up and it was beautiful. You will find more info if you type Disrobe to disarm into Google search.

Deva Garimo

love garimo


Byron Bay NSW Australia no war protest
° Disrobe to Disarm °
750 beautiful nude women!!!!

750 Women Go Nude in War Protest from the The Sunday Mail of Brisbane, Australia (via Common Dreams News Center) More than 750 female protesters shed their clothing during the Disrobe to Disarm protest in NSW beach town of Byron Bay, Australia Sunday (Feb. 8), lying naked end to end on a grassy knoll on a private property, to form a heart shape around the words "No War" for an aerial photograph. Australia has sent troops and approved an RAAF fighter squadron deployment to join US and British forces in the Gulf preparing for a possible war in Iraq. But it has yet to publicly commit itself to joining any UN-approved or US-led military action in Iraq. Sunday's larger-than-expected turnout for the Disrobe to Disarm, prompted by a similar protest in the US, even surprised organisers.

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