us president g.w. bush daughters simply having fun..... G.W. Bush

I can see a day somewhere in the future that people will be there but there will be nobody who is hungry for power. To be hungry for power simply shows that the man needs psychiatric treatment. All the politicians of the world, all the presidents, all the prime ministers, kings and queens, need psychiatric treatment so that they can again become human beings.

Your presidents, your prime ministers, your ambassadors, your kings, your queens, are all in the same boat: just trying to prove they are not inferior, they are great leaders of men. And I have seen many of these great leaders of men -- just phony. If you look inside, you will find nothing but bullshit.

The kings, the presidents, and the prime ministers are nothing but people suffering from inferiority complexes. Hence creating much noise around themselves to show others that "We are not nothing. We are somebodies!" A man who tries to prove that he is somebody is simply showing that deep down he is afraid of his nobodiness. If he becomes the president of a country, of course he can prove -- at least to the fools he can prove that he is somebody. And looking in the eyes of those fools, he himself can believe, "When so many people believe that I am somebody, I must be somebody. How can so many people be wrong?" He deceives others and is deceived in return. It is a self-deception.

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