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I don't have any good opinion of the journalists, remember. They are just people who could not succeed in politics and now standing by the side of the road and throwing a stone on everybody who is succeeding. So that does not matter at all. I don't care a bit what the journalists say.


Journalists are poor people -- just living, exploiting the lower instincts of man and the lower curiosities of man. They are not very harmful, they are not dangerous. At the most they create amusement and people just enjoy. They themselves cannot rape; they enjoy a rape story. They would like to murder, but they cannot murder, it is too risky; they enjoy the murder story. They have thought many times to commit suicide -- remember, it is very difficult to find a man who has not at one time in his life thought of dropping it all, and being finished with it all -- but they have not been able to gather courage. It needs a little courage to commit suicide -- just a little courage, not much. Real courage is needed to live. Just a little courage is needed to commit suicide -- a momentary emotional courage, just for a moment, for a flash. But they have not been able to do it themselves. Somebody else has done it; they enjoy the story. People enjoy only that which they would like to do but are not capable of -- their circumstances don't permit, whatsoever the cause -- but they can at least enjoy it.


But journalists go on searching for sensation. Their whole business depends on sensation. They exploit the lowest instincts of humanity. Journalism has not yet come of age. It has not become mature yet. So if there is a rape, it is news. If there is murder, it is news. If there is suicide, it is news. Anything ugly, disgusting, criminal, is news, and anything beautiful is not news. If a dog bites a man it is not news, it is natural; but if a man bites a dog, then it is news. Then the journalist is not interested whether it is true or not; then it is enough, the rumor is enough.


Journalists, politicians -- these types of people are in search of some spot which can become dangerous, some man who can prove dangerous, some situation which can become a problem. Then they will all try to make it a problem as quickly as possible.

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