Food Shortage Survey

The only question asked in a survey was:

"Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure:

- In Africa they didn't know what 'food' meant,

- In India they didn't know what 'honest' meant,

- In Europe they didn't know what 'shortage' meant,

- In China they didn't know what 'opinion' meant,

- In the Middle East they didn't know what 'solution' meant,

- In South America they didn't know what 'please' meant,

- In the USA they didn't know what 'the rest of the world' meant.

Christianity cannot be in favor of a world which is rich. The scientists are declaring continually that we have come to such a point of technological progress that now there is no need for anybody to be hungry, to be starving or dying because of shortage of food. It has never before been possible, but now scientists are saying that we can feed five billion people very easily, we can feed even more -- but those voices are silenced. No politician pays any attention, because politicians are also interested in having a big following.

- OshO -

My whole approach is to make each individual as authentic as he is intended by nature to be, and all the problems of the world will disappear. There is no other way; these problems are created by schizophrenics, neurotics, psychotics... all kinds of madmen are posing as the richest, as the most powerful.
Just see a simple thing: in America, there are thirty million people dying on the streets because they don't have food, they don't have clothes, they don't have shelter. And exactly the same number -- thirty million people -- are dying in hospitals because they eat too much, and they cannot stop stuffing themselves continually. They have been forced to be hospitalized, because in their homes it is impossible to control them.
It is a strange situation. Exactly thirty million people are dying because of starvation and thirty million people are dying because of overeating. Just a small understanding, and sixty million people can be saved. Both are suffering. A hospital is not the place to live nor is the street a place to live. And I take this example from America because America pretends to be the richest country, but I don't see that it has yet become even psychologically normal. The same is being repeated in other countries on a vaster scale. It seems we are dominated by a certain madness.
All that is needed is to drop this madness.
The richest man in the world is in Japan... he has twenty-one billion dollars. The richest man in America has only four and a half billion dollars. But can you understand a man having twenty-one billion dollars -- what is he going to do with it? It is absurd. And millions of people are dying. Ethiopia is facing again another famine which will be greater than the past one. In the past famine one thousand people were dying every day. In the coming one perhaps two thousand, three thousand people will be dying. And in the European Common Market, every six months they go on drowning so much food in the ocean -- mountains of butter -- just the cost of drowning it comes to two billion dollars. It is not the cost of the foodstuff, it is the cost of carrying the food to the ocean. And just by the side, in Ethiopia people don't have water to drink, people don't have food to eat.
The situation has fallen so low that in Palestine the government was forced by the people to agree that they should be allowed to eat human bodies -- of course of those who had died naturally. But this is the beginning... what is the problem if somebody has not died naturally, but has committed suicide, has hanged himself? The difference is not much. And what is the problem if you can get hold of some Israeli? It is a simple question, whether to eat the dead man first or to first make him dead and then eat. For the first time in history, a government has accepted that it is no longer a crime. And this is about human beings eating human beings. What about animals?
If you look around the world it seems to be a madhouse. But the mad people are in the majority, and the maddest of them are chosen to be the presidents, to be the prime ministers, naturally.

- OshO -
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