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Osho on drugs

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How blind humanity must be! The promises have not changed -- that means certainly nothing has been achieved.
The same promises are being given to you and you go on following, hoping. Hope is the greatest drug that man has invented. Strange, that religious people are against drugs; politicians are also against drugs.
Politicians make laws against drugs, religious people create hell and punishment against drugs. Why are they so afraid of drugs? It needs a deep search, investigation. They are afraid of drugs because drugs are competitors to them.
LSD can give you hallucinations of heaven. That's the trouble. No religion can afford to allow people to use LSD. LSD is not dangerous; taken in the right proportions, under medical care, it can be tremendously helpful in religious growth.
But religions are not ready to allow it for the simple reason that if LSD can give you a beautiful experience -- hallucinatory, but still it is an experience and tremendously satisfying, fulfilling -- then just promises will look like dry bones without any juice in them.
Only idiots perhaps may continue to chew the dry bones. Dogs do that. They chew dry bones and enjoy very much, not knowing what is happening. When they chew dry bones those dry bones hurt their mouths and their mouths start bleeding. The more they chew, the more bleeding happens.
And blood goes through their throat and they think -- logically enough -- that the blood is coming from the bone. Now, how to explain to a dog that, "it is your own blood; the bone is absolutely dry."
So perhaps a few idiots may still continue to go to the churches, but intelligent people will stop. Rather, when they feel the urge to have a beautiful hallucination, whenever they want to live in another world, they will not wait for death to come: they will go to a medical clinic and have a two, three-day session with LSD, and enjoy everything that their religious leaders have been telling them that they will get after death.
Drugs are dangerous to religions for the simple reason that they are their greatest competitors. And even better drugs can be invented, but religions continuously cripple the research.
Politicians are against drugs, because if people start taking drugs then who cares about your five-year plans? Who cares about the classless society that will come in the future to your grandchildren?
Who cares about the revolution, democracy, freedom of speech? You don't have even the freedom to hallucinate! This is absolutely innocent because only you are doing it, nobody else is involved. No, you don't have the freedom to hallucinate. Reduced to the basics, that's what drug prohibition means, that you don't have the freedom to hallucinate.
The government is in control of your dreams. Drugs can give you dreams, and properly used, can help you to see many things in yourself which in psychoanalysis will take three years, four years; then too it is not certain that you will be able to see.
It is a well-known fact that scientists have discovered something like truth serum, but it is prevented from being used, because if something like truth serum is possible ....
You take an injection of truth serum and then suddenly you can see all your falsities, your hypocrisies, your bogus personality ...
and certainly if anything can make you aware of truth, it is bound to make you aware of all that is false: that is going to happen simultaneously.
The moment you see the truth you see the false too. Now, the whole of politics depends on falsities.


Yoga has been teaching you breathing exercises. Breath is chemistry. With more oxygen in your lungs you are a certain man; more carbon dioxide, and you are a different man.
If your lungs are full of carbon dioxide you are dead; if they are full of oxygen .... There are millions of small, very small rooms; with your breathing, only one third of those small sacs receive oxygen, two thirds remain filled with carbon dioxide.
This is your normal state. With yoga-breathing those sacs, those small rooms, start removing their carbon dioxide, throwing it out and filling themselves with oxygen.
When all the sacs are full of oxygen your vitality is different, is bound to be different -- normally you are only one-third alive. And that much oxygen in your body is going to change everything -- but it is all chemistry.
So I say there is a certain truth in what Timothy Leary was saying, yet I am against his supporting drugs to transform man. That is dangerous. In fact, politicians are idiots; otherwise they would have used this man; he would have proved of immense help to them.
He would have shown them how to enslave people forever. Drugs can be created -- and people can be made addicted to those drugs -- which will cancel all revolutions, all rebellions. Anything that goes against the status quo, the drug will prevent it. I am against him for other reasons too -- because drugs can only change mind, and man is not only mind.
He is something more. The real transformation has to happen in that something more -- in consciousness. And no drug can even touch consciousness. It can change the mechanism of the mind, the chemistry of the mind.
It can give you hallucinations of samadhi, of nirvana, enlightenment; but those are only hallucinations, they are not true. One day you miss your injection and they are gone and you are back in the dumps. And when somebody falls from nirvana, he is going to have multiple fractures -- everything destroyed.
If you are going to fall, it is better never to try climbing so high. It is better to crawl on the earth if you are going to fall; at least you won't have any fractures.
Drugs can take you very high but you will have to come back down; it was the drug, not you. Meditation changes not your mind, but you, your consciousness. And the change comes by your own awareness.


Drugs can certainly be used to make people psychologically healthy.
They can be used to make people again one, to destroy their split.
What psychoanalysis does in three, five, seven years with thousands of dollars wasted, thousands of hours wasted, drugs can do within hours.
But religions are against them. Politicians are against them. Governments are against them. Why so much antagonism? I can understand there may be some bad side effects, but we have so much scientific knowledge today that all those elements which have bad side effects can be removed from the drugs.
Rather than forcing millions of people into jails around the world, rather than wasting money on all these prisoners, the better and wiser way will be to give the money and the project to the scientists.
LSD can be more purified, can be more ecstatic, without having any side effects. But nobody is ready to do it. Why are they not ready to do it?
The governments are afraid that if people are not split, they will have so much energy that they will not be controllable. To enslave a split person is easy, because he is fighting with himself; he has no time to fight with anybody else.
Politicians don't want you to become one.

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