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Osho on drugs

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All the cultures, all the religions have been condemning alcohol, opium, hashish, marijuana .... but their condemnation seems to have no effect.
Humanity goes on taking drugs, and nobody bothers to ask, if so many wise people are against it, why are people taking these drugs?
In one country, marijuana may be illegal, hashish may be illegal, LSD may be illegal, but alcohol is not.
And alcohol is more dangerous than any of the other three.
Why isn't alcohol illegal?
Because Jesus used to drink it.
Christianity cannot make it illegal, otherwise Jesus would be proved criminal ... and not ordinary criminal, because he was even making water into alcohol.


Actually, oxygen and nitrogen are basic elements of existence. They can be of much use, but for reasons the politicians have been
against chemicals of all kinds, all drugs. The very word drug has become dangerous.
They are so against drugs because people can come to know themselves, and when people come to know themselves politicians lose their power over them -and they love their power.
In the Vedas they call it soma, the essence, and since those ancient days until today, all those who know have recognized, either directly or indirectly, that chemicals can be of immense service to man. Man is chemistry, so is existence. All is chemistry. We cannot avoid its influence.


The governments, the politicians, the church, the pope, they have all become scared because the new generation is too involved in drugs.
You will always remain an outsider. Once you have a glimpse of the non-ego then society cannot dominate you easily.
And if one goes too deep into drugs then it is possible for the ego to be shattered completely.
Then you will become as if mad. Once or twice a drug will give you a glimpse; it is just as if a window opens and closes.
If you persist and you become addicted to it, the ego may suddenly drop. But this is the problem: the ego will drop, but the non-ego will not arise.
You will go mad, schizophrenic, split. Religion works from the other corner, from the other end: it tries to bring up the non-ego first.
And the more the non-ego comes up, the more the whole asserts, the more the ego will drop automatically, by and by.
Before the ego drops, the whole has taken possession. You will not go mad, you will not become abnormal, you will simply be natural.
You will fall outside society into nature.


Here my reasons are different. I am also against drugs, not because they cut the roots of the religions and the politicians, but because they destroy your inner growth towards spirituality.
They prevent you from reaching the promised land. You remain hanging around the hallucinations, while you are capable of reaching the real. They give you a toy.
But since drugs are not going to disappear, I would like every government, every scientific lab, to purify drugs, to make them healthier without any side effects, which is possible now.
We can create a drug like the one which Aldous Huxley, in memory of Rig Veda, called soma, which will be without any bad effects, which will not be addictive, which will be a joy, a happiness, a dance, a song.
If we cannot make it possible for everybody to become a Gautam Buddha, we have no right to prevent people from at least having illusory glimpses of the aesthetic state which Gautam Buddha must have had.
Perhaps these small experiences will lead the person to explore more. Sooner or later he is going to be fed up with the drug, because it will go on repeating the same scene again and again. Howsoever beautiful a scene is, repetition makes it a boredom. So first purify the drug from all bad effects.
Second, let people who want to enjoy, enjoy. They will become bored by it.
And then their only path will be to seek some method of meditation to find the ultimate bliss.



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