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For example, the Nobel prize was founded by a man who earned money in the first world war by creating all kinds of destructive bombs, machines. The first world war was fought using the means supplied by Mr. Nobel. And he earned such a huge amount of money... Both the parties were getting war material from the same source; he was the only person who was creating war materials on a vast scale. So whoever was killed, was killed by him. It doesn't matter whether he belonged to this side or to that side; whoever was killed was killed by his bombs.
So in old age, when he had all the money in the world a man can have, he established the Nobel prize. It is given as a peace award -- by a man who earned the money by war!
Whoever is working for peace receives a Nobel prize. It is given for great scientific inventions, great artistic, creative inventions. And with the Nobel prize comes big money -- right now it is near about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The best award, and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with it; and it goes on increasing because money goes on becoming less and less valuable. And such a fortune that man must have created that all these Nobel prizes that are distributed every year are given only out of the interest. The basic money remains intact, will remain intact forever. Every year so much interest accumulates that you can give twenty Nobel prizes.


Now the Nobel Prize has been given to politicians, even a man like Kissinger gets a Nobel Prize! And what is his contribution to humanity?
I call it the Ignoble Prize because it is full of blood, the blood of millions of people who were massacred by Nobel's weapons. No man of dignity should accept it.


And Panchen Lama died just four or five days ago, because in a international conference in Beijing he directly hit the Chinese government. He made it clear that Tibet is being completely destroyed -- not only its people are being killed, its scriptures are being burnt, its temples are being destroyed. Nobody can learn Tibetan anymore. The language is being destroyed, the children are being forced to learn Chinese and to speak Chinese.
This is a real generation gap, where children will not be able to understand their own parents. Their parents will not be able to say anything to the children; they will not understand each other's language.
And he lashed out against China, risking his life. Because the conference was international, he wanted the whole world to know what is happening in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese. So he exposed the whole situation, and that very night he was found dead in his hotel. No autopsy was made, no certificate from a doctor that he has died a normal, natural death -- he was a young man, perfectly healthy -- and he was buried. Now they will put someone, their agent -- he may be Tibetan -- as the head of Tibet.
For what is the Dalai Lama getting a nomination? He is not even the head of the International Football Federation! And he is a coward. Cowardice is being rewarded by a Nobel Prize.


Just a few days ago, Mother Teresa of Calcutta had received the Nobel Prize. Now this is something utterly stupid! The Nobel Prize Award Committee has never done anything so foolish before -- but on the surface it looks beautiful. It is being praised all over the world, that they have done something great.
J. Krishnamurti has not received a Nobel Prize -- and he is one of those rare human beings, those few of the buddhas, who are really laying the foundation for world peace. And Mother Teresa has received the Nobel Prize for world peace. Now, I don't understand what she has done for world peace! George Gurdjieff didn't receive a Nobel Prize, and he was working hard to transform the inner core of human beings; Raman Maharshi didn't receive the Nobel Prize -- because their work is invisible: their work is that of bringing more consciousness to people. When you bring bread to people it is visible, when you bring clothes to people it is visible, when you bring medicines to people it is visible. When you bring God to people, it is absolutely invisible.
Mother Teresa is doing something good on the surface only: serving the poor of Calcutta, the ill, the diseased, the old, the orphans, the widows, the lepers, the crippled, the blind. It is so obvious that she is doing something good! But basically what she is doing is consoling these people. And giving consolation to the poor, to the blind, to the lepers, to the orphans, is an antirevolutionary act. To console them means to help them remain adjusted with the society that exists, to remain attuned with the status quo. What she is doing is antirevolutionary. But the governments are happy, the rich people are happy, the powerful people are happy, because she is really NOT serving the blind and the poor. She is serving the vested interests, she is serving the priests and the politicians and the powers; she is helping them to remain in their power. She is making, creating, an atmosphere in which the old can continue.


Giving the Nobel Prize to Mother Teresa is giving the Nobel Prize to antirevolutionary acts.
But that's how it has always been happening: you praise those people who somehow confirm the old, the dead, who help the society to remain as it is.


Barck Obama & Nobel Prize

Your whole life is lived in such an unconscious way. You can practice good things, you can do good things, give service to people, you can donate to charity. You can even become a Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but your life will be the same. Yes, you will get a Nobel Prize, and you will be honored all over the world. The world consists of fools and only the fools are honored.
Just look at the irony: Jesus is crucified and Mother Teresa is given a Nobel Prize. Socrates is poisoned and Mother Teresa is given a Nobel Prize. Maharshi Raman was not given a Nobel Prize. J. Krishnamurti has worked his whole life as nobody has ever worked, for a better human being, for a better, conscious world. But he has not been given a Nobel Prize, his name has never even been considered for it.
George Gurdjieff, one of the greatest masters, who transformed people's lives into light, was not given a Nobel Prize. Mother Teresa is not a Raman Maharshi, she is not a J. Krishnamurti, she is not a George Gurdjieff. But why is she honored? Because she fulfills your requirements: she serves beggars, orphans, widows.
And that is your idea of a saint -- that he should serve. He should serve all kinds of fools, then he is a saint. Then other fools will respect him.
You are unconscious, your expectations are unconscious and there are people who will fulfill them. You will respect them, you will call them saints. Now, Mother Teresa has no taste of awareness, no experience of ecstasy, but that is not the point for people. The point is how many hospitals she runs, how many orphans she has raised -- as if the world is not already much too overpopulated. How many old people does she serve, how many old people have survived through her efforts? These things have nothing to do with real religion; these are social services. She is really serving the status quo, that's why she is respected. The Nobel Prize was not given because she is religious or a mystic. The Nobel Prize was given because she serves the capitalist system, she serves the status quo, she serves the vested interests. She is not a revolutionary, but a reformist. She is not a rebel.
Unless you become capable of seeing the beauty of rebellion, the beauty of a Jesus, Socrates, Buddha, you will not understand what real religion is.


Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the most significant persons of this century, refused to accept the Nobel prize. And when he was asked why, he said, "To accept the Nobel prize is in some way to compromise, is in some way to receive respectability from a society with which I am not in agreement. Perhaps the Nobel prize will weaken me.
"They are so respectful to me -- how can I go on fighting against everything they believe in: against their God, against their morality, against their politics?" He said, "Accepting the Nobel prize will be selling myself -- that I cannot do." And he was perfectly right.


One World Constitution according to the modern mystic Osho

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