Gorgeous Gloria as World President NOW!!!

USA Globe Involvement

Language is just like a political map. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are divided on the political map, and if you ask the earth where India begins and Pakistan ends, the earth will laugh and think you mad. The earth is round, it is one; only on political maps is it not and maps are false. And politicians are madmen, madmen who have attained power. They are more dangerous than madmen who live in madhouses, because they have power.

Either we will succeed in transforming the consciousness of the whole of humanity and bring it to a higher level -- at least to the second level, a meditative mind, for millions of people, and for thousands of people to the first grade, the no-mind.... If we can do it, that is the only possible way to save humanity. Otherwise, in the hands of foolish politicians so much power has come that ANY moment the third world war can start, and that will destroy the whole of humanity. And all the work of the ages, of all the Buddhas, will be simply destroyed. Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Pythagoras, Socrates: these people have worked hard to create this garden. And now we are getting ready to burn it totally. Before it is too late...wake up! At least move to the second state of mind -- meditative mind -- then the first will become easy.


The New Map


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Gorgeous Gloria as World President NOW!!!

The New World President

My own vision is that the coming age will be the age of the woman.
Man has tried for five thousand years and has failed.
Now a chance has to be given to the woman.
Now she should be given all the reins of power.
She should be given an opportunity to allow her feminine energies to function.
Man has utterly failed.
In three thousand years, five thousand wars -- this is man's record.
Man has simply butchered, killed, murdered; he has lived as if only for war.
There are a few days in between two wars which we call days of peace.
They are not days of peace; they are only days of preparing for the new war.
Yes, a few years are needed to prepare... and again the war, again we go on killing each other.
It is enough!
Man has been given enough chances.
Now feminine energies have to be released.

My commune is going to be rooted in feminine energy, in the energies of the mother.
To me God is more a "she" than a "he."
"He" is poorer; it can't include "she."

The Book of The Books, Vol. VII

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One World Constitution according to the modern mystic Osho

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