Saddam Husseing just before being hanged and killed

Saddam Hussein
USA War on Irak

My understanding is that the way he has lived, man needs every ten to twelve years -- a war.
He accumulates so much anger, so much rage, so much violence, that nothing short of a war will give him release.
So, war after war, there is a gap of only ten to fifteen years.
That gap is a kind of relaxation.
But again you start accumulating, because the same psychology is working -- the same jealousy, the same violence. And man is basically a hunter; he is not by nature vegetarian.
First he became a hunter, and for thousands of years he was just a meat-eater, and cannibalism was prevalent everywhere.
To eat human beings caught from the opposing tribe you were fighting with was perfectly ethical.
All that is carried in the unconscious of humanity.
Religions have imposed things on man very superficially; his unconscious is not in agreement.
Every man is living in a disagreement with himself.
So whenever he can find a chance -- for a beautiful cause; freedom, democracy, socialism -- any beautiful word can become an umbrella to hide his ugly unconscious, which simply wants to destroy and enjoys destruction.
Now the world war has become almost impossible; otherwise there would have been no terrorism.
Enough time has passed since the second world war; the third world war should have happened near about 1960.
It has not happened.
This has been the routine for the whole of history, and man is programmed for it.
It has been observed by psychologists that in wartime people are more happy than in peacetime.
In wartime their life has a thrill; in peacetime they look bored.
In wartime, early in the morning they are searching for the newspaper, listening to the radio.
Things may be happening far away, but they are excited.
Something in them feels an affinity.
A war that should have happened somewhere between 1955 and 1960 has not happened, and man is burdened with the desire to kill, with the desire to destroy.
It is just that he wants good names for it.
Terrorism is going to become bigger and bigger, because the third world war is almost impossible. And the stupid politicians have no other alternative.
Terrorism simply means that what was being done on a social scale now has to be done individually.
It will grow.

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Saddam Hussein
Sorry to disturb Mister Saddam ... we just finished the Arms Inspections and we did not find anything serious ... but as soon we are finished with Afghanistan and wiped out all these underdeveloped bearded bastards we are going to attack Iraq, hang you and destroy your stupid muslims until nothing is left so we can take over all the oil to help us , the United American Nations - the greatest and most intelligent white race on earth, to pollute some more, stuff ourselves with McDonald, get obese, overweight, sniff coke and watch TV ... and then will go for Nord Korea and Iran next!!!!

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