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And in this society, silence does not pay; words pay, and the more articulate you are, the more you will be paid. What are your leaders? What are your politicians? What are your professors? What are your priests, theologians, philosophers, condensed to one thing? They are very articulate. They know how to use words meaningfully, significantly, consistently, so that they can impress people. It is rarely taken note of that our whole society is dominated by verbally articulate people. They may not know anything; they may not be wise, they may not even be intelligent. But one thing is certain: they know how to play with words. It is a game, and they have learned it. And it pays in respectability, in money, in power -- in every way. So everybody tries, and the mind becomes filled with many words, many thoughts. And you can turn any computer on or off -- but you cannot turn the mind off. The switch does not exist.


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So every country and every politician tries not to allow love too much. It has to be given only in small quantities. If love is free, and people are very loving and they exist in an ocean of love, war is not possible. Without war, politics is not possible; without politics, presidents and premiers are not possible. They will simply disappear. The hippie is the greatest danger signal to politicians yet. In the whole of history, for the first time a new sort of generation is arising. If this generation goes on flowering, spreading, politics is going to be just out of date. The days of presidents and premiers are gone! And the whole thing depends on love, because love is a quality of being. Competition is for things, ambition is for things, ambition is for the kingdom without. The inner kingdom knows no competition. You can simply delight in it this very moment. It needs no future, it needs no achievement on your part. Already, as you are, you are ready to enjoy and delight and celebrate. Nothing is missing. Everything is absolutely available; as it should be, it is. You just have to drop your ambitious mind, and the celebration starts.


OshoThe whole history of mankind has been a disaster.
And unless we start revolting as individuals, dropping all nationalities, all religions, all races, and declare that this whole globe belongs to us and all the lines of the map are bogus and false; unless individuals start changing the whole educational system...
The educational system should teach you the art of living, it should teach you the art of loving, it should teach you the art of meditation, it should teach you finally the art of dying gloriously.
Your education system is not educational.
It only creates clerks, stationmasters, postmen, soldiers, and you call it education.
You have been deceived.
But the deception has been going on so long that you have completely forgotten.
And you are still going on in the same old rut.

I raise my hand against the whole past of mankind.
It has not been civilized, it has not been human.
It has not been in any way helpful for people to blossom; it has not been a spring.
It has been a calamity, a crime committed on such a vast scale... But somebody has to stand against it, and somebody has to make the point: We disown our past. And we will start living according to our own inner being and create our own future.
We will not allow the past to create our future.

OshO Om Mani Padme Hum, Ch. 10
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