I was just a tourist there (USA - Oregon), and I made the whole of America disturbed. They had enough money; they could have purchased more Rolls Royces if they wanted. But they had no guts for that either. They were condemning me, saying that I am a materialist. And you will be surprised; one bishop who was continuously condemning me as a materialist, wrote me a letter, privately, saying, "It would be very compassionate of you if you could donate a Rolls Royce to my church. It won't make any difference to you -- ninety-three or ninety-two -- but it will make much difference to us." And every Sunday he was condemning me. His condemnation was not about my materialism; his condemnation was to hide his jealousy. The politicians, the rich, could have managed it for themselves -- why were they worried? But the worry was that a tourist, who has not even a valid visa, has defeated all the super-rich; it hurts! If they were intelligent enough, they could have understood that there must be a purpose behind these Rolls Royces. It cannot be just the one-hour ride. For that, one Rolls Royce would have been enough. Everything that I have done in my life has a purpose. It is a device to bring out something in you of which you are not aware.


Osho's Roll Royce

It is part of my whole device to change the very structure of human consciousness. The past has revered poverty, asceticism, masochistic attitudes. A man was respected if he was renouncing all that is pleasant, all that is comfortable. He was respected for torturing himself; the greater the torture, the greater the respect. The whole human past is masochistic, and all the religions have contributed to this insanity. My effort is to change such a vast past and its influence. So it has been only a device. I have not been creating desires for materialistic things in people; they are there without anybody's creating them. Yes, they have been repressed so deeply that people have even forgotten that they had them. I am not creating them; I simply want to remove the cover-up, the repression, and to make the person realize that he wants a Rolls Royce more than enlightenment. This realization will be a basic step towards enlightenment, because it will make him aware of his own reality, his greed. There was no need for ninety-three Rolls Royces. I could not use ninety-three Rolls Royces simultaneously -- the same model, the same car. But I wanted to make it clear to you that you would be ready to drop all your desires for truth, for love, for spiritual growth to have a Rolls Royce. I was knowingly creating a situation in which you would feel jealous. The function of a master is very strange. He has to help you come to an understanding of your inner structure of consciousness: it is full of jealousy.


Osho's Roll Royce

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People go on condemning me. The moment I come to know that they are condemning me for a certain thing, then I go on doing the same thing on a bigger scale. I had only one Rolls Royce. They started condemning me, so I told my secretary, "Arrange for two." In India it was very difficult, because the Rolls Royce after 1965 became a banned item, it could not enter the country. I was the only man who managed to have two Rolls Royces enter the country. When I came to America, I said to my secretary, "Now there is no limit." I had seven, and they were condemning me -- a spiritual man, an enlightened person, having seven Rolls Royces when people are dying of starvation? Now I have ninety. Now they don't condemn me. They know that if they continue condemning me, I will go on having more and more Rolls Royces until they are satisfied. I have my own individuality. I don't need anybody's respect, because I am so full there is no space for anything else. And it has been a tremendous experience to be so notorious and yet to be loved by millions of people. That gives a great hope, that even an ordinary man can be loved; you need not to be extraordinary to be loved.


There is no Christianity in the world; it is only "crossianity." The cross made a great impact, aroused sympathy towards him, just as my Roll Royces and my watches arouse in you jealousy, my clothes create jealousy. But if I was hanging on a cross, then this clergyman would have been at my feet praying to God. It is strange but true, that you are sympathetic to misery, to poverty, to sickness, to death. Have you ever thought what it means? You are never sympathetic with somebody who is blissful, happy, joyous, dancing, singing, has no worry at all, no tension. Have you felt any sympathy with that man? Have you gone to that man and said, "I have great sympathy for you"? You would look foolish. He does not need your sympathy in the first place. In the second place, his being in a blissful state creates jealousy in you, not sympathy. The crucifixion of Jesus created great sympathy, and out of that sympathy was born this whole ."cancer of Christianity"


Osho Roll Royce

In December 1979, for the first time, a Rolls Royce conveys Osho to Buddha Hall for his discourse.

You ask: What is so funny about Your driving to discourse in a Rolls Royce?

There is a long story behind it! I was driving...I was coming in an Impala, and people like you started writing letters to me saying that, "This is a plumber's car!"
I told Laxmi, "Change it!"
So she bought a Buick ... and people started writing to me that "This is a pimp's car!"
So I told Laxmi, "Change it!"
So she was bargaining for a Lincoln Continental.
And people wrote to me, "This is good--this is a president's car!"
I said, "That is worse--worse than being driven in a plumber's or a pimp's car!"
So I told Laxmi, "Now, for a poor man like me, only a Rolls Royce will do!"
Now, please don't make any objection to it...because coming from Lao Tzu to Buddha Hall, a helicopter won't do.
Don't create troubles for me!

I have been suffering because my sickness is not something that I can say I am cured of.
It is allergy, so it can erupt any moment.... Dust can create it, perfume--most dangerous.
And there are a few things which I should not eat--any things which have acids.
So if I just avoid them.... And in the commune everybody is aware of my trouble, so nobody will use perfume, nobody will come close to me if he has been smoking.
Nobody will come to me if he has been perspiring, because any smell is enough to provoke it.
And what it does is it starts breathing trouble; my breathing becomes abnormal, difficult.
And then coughing starts.
Then the coughing will continue at least for two hours to six hours.
It is a problem in the night; then I cannot sleep.
So this disease is such that I can never say I am cured.
And I can never say that I am sick; only once in a while when something happens I am sick for a few hours.
Otherwise I am perfectly okay.

The second problem I had was my back.
So my people have arranged for that too, because no medical treatment was helping.
In India we had called experts from England who had worked their whole life only on backs, but they also said that, "This is strange."
I knew that they would not help and I told them that, "The problem is, it is not a sudden thing ... somebody slips and falls down and the back comes out.
Then you can fix it.
My problem is that I have been sitting in this kind of chair for almost thirty years.
The chair changes but the shape remains exactly the same.
So the back has got a certain curve, and if that curve is disturbed, then I am in trouble."
I cannot sit on your chair.
It is more comfortable, but my back will not fit with it.

I can use only one car.
I have used all the cars, the best in the world; the seat of just one car, one of the models of Rolls Royce, the Silver Spur, fits with me perfectly.
It is not their costliest car; their costliest is the Corniche, then the Carmargue.
And then the third is the Silver Spur.
So I tried a Corniche--they didn't work, my trouble started.
But with the Silver Spur it has settled completely.


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