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In meditation you are entering a river of consciousness.
So many people around you creates a tremendous force, a stream.
Enter into it like a swimmer, not fighting, just floating, and see what happens.
It is an ART

Learn to love, and drop all that goes against love.
It is an uphill task.
It is the greatest ART in existence, to be able to love.
One needs such refinement, such inner culture, such meditativeness, so that one can see immediately how one goes on destroying.
If you can avoid being destructive, if you become creative in your relationship; if you support it, nourish it; if you are capable of compassion for the other person, not only passion....
Passion alone is not able to sustain love; compassion is needed.
If you are able to be compassionate towards the other; if you are able to accept his limitations, his imperfections; if you are able to accept him the way he is or she is and STILL love -- then one day a marriage happens.
That may take years.
That may take your whole life.

The whole ART is how to function from the feminine part of the mind.
because the feminine is joined with the Whole and the male is not joined with the Whole.
The male is aggressive, the male is constantly in struggle -- the feminine is constantly in surrender, in deep trust.
Hence the feminine body is so beautiful, so round.
There is a deep trust and a deep harmony with nature.
A woman lives in deep surrender -- a man is constantly fighting, angry, doing this and that, trying to prove something, trying to reach somewhere.
A woman is happy, not trying to reach anywhere.

Science is concerned about quantity; religion is concerned about quality.
Religion is concerned with the ART of how to live life and how to die life.
Seven years, seventy years or seven hundred years -- what difference will it make? You will go on repeating the same vicious circle again and again and again.
You will simply get more and more bored. So change the focus of your being.
Learn how to live each moment and learn how to die each moment.
Both are together.
If you know how to die each moment, you will be able to live each moment -- fresh, young, virgin.
Die to the past.
Don't allow it to interfere with your present.

All people who are creative are close to religion.
Religion is the greatest creativity because it is an effort to give birth to yourself, to become a father and mother to yourself, to be born again, to be reborn through meditation, through awareness.
Poetry is good, painting is good -- but when you give birth to your own consciousness, there is no comparison.
Then you have given birth to the ultimate poetry, the ultimate music, the ultimate dance.
This is the dimension of creativity.
On the rung of creativity, religion is the last.
It is the greatest ART the ultimate ART -- that's why I call it 'the ultimate alchemy'. On the opposite end of the ladder is destruction.
People who cannot be creative become destructive because through destruction they can have a vicarious feeling that they are powerful.
When Hitler destroyed millions of people, of course he had a very powerful feeling that, 'I am somebody.
I can destroy the whole world.' He was almost ready to destroy the whole world -- he had almost destroyed it. A politician is a destructive mind.
He may talk about the nation, the country; he may talk about utopias, socialism, communism, but basically a politician is a destructive mind.
And a destructive mind cannot become enlightened.

Everybody laughs, smiles: neither the laugh is true, nor the smile.
Everybody says good things about each other: nobody believes in them, nobody feels that way; it has become social etiquette. Your personality is a social phenomenon.
Your being is buried deep down under this personality.
You need a shock, so that the personality is thrown open, or for some moments you are identified with it no more and you reach the center.
There, everything is empty. The whole ART of meditation is, how to leave the personality easily, move to the center, and be not a person.
Just to be and not be a person is the whole ART of meditation, the whole ART of inner ecstasy.

meditation is not only a question of doing something here and now; before that is possible you have to come to terms with your past -- you have to dissolve all hangovers, and there are millions of them. Even when one becomes old he is also a child, a young man, and all that he has ever been is there, because you don't know how to die every moment. That is the whole ART of life -- to die moment to moment so that there is no hangover.

Basically life is just a preparation for dying, and only those are wise who learn in their life how to die.
If you don't know how to die you have missed the whole meaning of life: it is a preparation, it is a training, it is a discipline. Life is not the end, it is just a discipline to learn the ART of dying.
But you are afraid, you are scared, at the very word death you start trembling.
That means you have not yet known life, because life never dies.
Life cannot die.

you can be a painter just by learning the art; you can learn all that can be taught in ART schools.
You can be skillful, and you can paint beautiful pictures, you can even become a renowned figure in the world.
Nobody will be able to know that this is just technique, unless you come across a master; but YOU will always know that this is just technique. Your hands have become skillful, your head knows the know-how, but your heart is not flowing.
You paint, but you are not a painter.
You create a work of ART but you are not an artist.
You do it, but you are not in it.
You do it as you do other things -- but you are not a lover.
You are not involved in it totally; your inner being remains aloof, indifferent, standing by the side.
Your head and your hands, they go on working, but you are not there.
The painting will not carry your presence, it will not carry YOU.
It may carry your signature, but not your being.

The whole ART of ecstasy, meditation, samadhi, is: How to become one with the rhythm of the universe.
When it exhales, you exhale.
When it inhales, you inhale.
You live in it, are not separate, are one with it.
Difficult, because the universe is vast. A master is the whole universe in miniature.
If you can learn how to inhale with the master and how to exhale with the master, if you can learn simply that, you will learn all.

All religions are nothing but a science -- or an ART -- to teach you how to die.
And the only way to teach you how to die is to teach you how to live.
They are not separate.
If you know what right living is, you will know what right dying is. So the first thing, or the most fundamental thing is: how to live.

I know you would like it to be called the ART of growing.
Then your ego would feel perfectly good.
'So it is a question of growth; so I am going to remain and grow.' That's what the ego always wants. I have knowingly called it the ART of dying.
Meditation is the ART of dying.
Then your ego will be shocked. And it is also truer to cal I it the ART of dying, because you r ego is not going to grow, your ego is going to die in meditation.
These are the only two possibilities: either your ego goes on growing more, it becomes stronger, or, it disappears.
If your ego goes on growing and becomes more and more strong, you are getting more and more into the mud.
You are getting more and more into fetters, you are getting more and more into the imprisonment of it.
You will be suffocated.
Your whole life will become a hell. The growth of the ego is a canceric growth.
It is like cancer, it kills you.
Meditation is not growth of the ego, it is death of the ego.

Life is not a technology, not even a science; life is an ART -- or it would even be better to call it a hunch.
You have to feel it.
It is like balancing on a tightrope.

unless you learn to die you will never be able to live, you will never be able to know what life is.
A person who is able to die is a person who is able to live, because life and death are two aspects of the same coin.
You can choose both or you can drop both, but they both come together in one parcel, they are not different things. Once you are afraid of death you are bound to be afraid of life.
The whole approach consists of methods, ways and means of how to die -- the ART of dying is the ART of living also.
Dying as an ego is being born as a non 'ego; dying as a part is being born as a whole; dying as man is a basic step towards being born as a God.

The subjective has to be explored; nobody is born with a vision of the subjective.
The subjective has to be explored; one has to learn what it is; one has to taste it by and by and move into it by and by.
The world of music, poetry, ART -- the world of any creativity -- is the world of the subjective.
The man who starts moving inwards becomes more poetic, more aesthetic.
He has a different aroma around him, a different aura.

art is just in the middle between both, equidistant from religion and science.
Art has the qualities of both.
One aspect of ART is scientific, the technological aspect.
Hence the scientist can paint and enjoy painting, and will have the same joy; and the mystic can also paint and will have the same joy as in prayer, as in meditation -- although both are doing the same thing, the mystic's painting will be totally different from the scientist's painting. You can look: modern painting in the West is too much under the influence of technology.
It has lost beauty; it is no longer helpful in bringing you to the divine presence that permeates existence.
On the contrary, it simply reflects the insane mind of man.
Looking at Western painting you will feel dizzy, nauseous, ill.

in the West poetry is dying, painting has become ugly, sculpture is no longer representative of nature.
Something is immensely missing: the spirit, the very spirit of ART is missing.
Looking at a Zen painting you will be overwhelmed; something from the beyond Will start showering on you.

Art is just in the middle, equidistant from science and religion.
It can be both.
It can be scientific ART as it is in the West.
It can be religious art: you don't know anything about that yet, because before you can know anything about it you will have to know what meditation is. Meditation is not a state of concentration; it is not a state of mind at all.
It is a state of total mindlessness -- and not a state of sleep either.
No mind, no sleep; no mind, but total awareness.
Out of that awareness you bring a different quality to music, to painting, to poetry.
And out of that meditativeness you can bring a totally different quality to science too.
But before that can happen we will need large numbers of meditative people around the earth.

The society, the establishment, wants you to be blind.
From the very beginning it teaches every child: "You are blind"; it conditions every child: "You are blind." Your whole educational system is nothing but a conspiracy against every child -- to keep you blind.
It does not teach you meditation, because meditation is the ART of opening your eyes.

People are becoming more and more lonely, and out of desperation they are trying every possible way to communicate.
Nothing seems to help.
Nothing can help unless they start learning the ART of silence.
Unless a man and woman know what silence is, unless they can sit together in deep silence, they cannot merge into each other's being.
Their bodies may penetrate each other, but their souls will remain far apart.
And when souls meet there is communion, there is understanding.

You will not attain to knowledge, remember.
You will become wise, you will become a Buddha.
You will not become a great scholar, a great pundit, a great theologian or a philosopher.
You will be a Buddha.
You will have an innocent kind of knowing: you will know how to live, you will know how to die, you will know how to love -- you will know the real ART of life.
And the real ART of life consists only of three things: how to live, how to love, how to die.
And these things you will not know from scriptures; these things you will know from your innermost core. I call this education.

And unless you grow, unless you grow and become a Buddha, you will be thrown back into life again and again.
Millions of times it has happened before: it is time now you should become aware.
Don't miss this opportunity. Being here with me, learn the real ART of suicide.
The real ART consists not in destroying the body...the body is beautiful, the body has not done any wrong.
It is the ugly mind.
The body is beautiful, the soul is beautiful, but between the body and the soul there is something which is neither body nor soul.
This in-between phenomenon is the mind. It is mind that goes on dragging you back into the womb.


The birds singing, and the trees, and the flowers...this infinite universe -- is it the place to commit suicide? It is the place to dance, to sing, to celebrate, to love and to be loved. And if you can love this existence, if you can feel blessed with this existence, I promise you that when you die you will not be coming back again...because you will have learnt the lesson.
God never sends anybody back to the school if once they have learnt their lesson. If you can learn to rejoice, you will be accepted.
Doors of higher mysteries will be opened to you.
You will be welcomed into the innermost mysteries of life.
That's what I call the true ART of committing suicide: my name for it is sannyas.

That is the whole meaning of Tantra: making an ART of lovemaking.
There are subtle nuances which only people who enter with a great aesthetic sense will be able to know.
Otherwise, you can make love for your whole life and still remain unsatisfied -- because you don't know that satisfaction is something very aesthetic.
It is like a subtle music arising in your soul.
If through sex you fall into harmony, if through love you become non-tense and relaxed, if love is not just throwing energy because you don't know what to do with it, if it is not just a relief but a relaxation, if you relax into your woman and your woman relaxes into you, if for a few seconds, for a few moments or a few hours you forget who you are and you are completely lost in oblivion, you will come out of it purer, more innocent, more virgin.
And you will have a different type of being -- at ease, centered, rooted.

direction comes out of living this moment.
It is not something that you manage and plan.
It happens, it is very subtle, and you will never be certain about it.
You can only feel it.
That's why I say it is more like poetry, not like prose; more like love, not like logic; more like ART than like science.
Wake, and that's its beauty; hesitant, as hesitant as a dewdrop on a grass leaf, slipping, not knowing where, not knowing why; in the morning sun, just slipping on a leaf of grass. Direction is very subtle, delicate, fragile.
That's why everybody has chosen destination.
Society tries to fix a destination for you.
Parents, teachers, culture, religion, government: they all try to give you a fixed pattern of life.
They don't want you to be free, left alone, moving into the unknown.
But that's how they have created boredom.
If you know your future beforehand, it is already boring.
If you know that you are going to be this, it is already boring.

the only ART that you have to learn is how to be formless within you.
How to drop the ego is the very core of all religions; how to efface yourself utterly, so utterly that your room is just an emptiness, that you are just a room and nothing else, just space, pure space.
In that pure space one starts seeing that which cannot be seen, and one starts hearing that which cannot be heard, and one starts touching what cannot be touched, and one arrives to the point where all seeking, searching, desiring disappears.
One is fulfilled. That benediction is your birthright.
And if you are missing, nobody else is responsible.
Only you, and ONLY you are responsible if you miss.
There is no need to miss even for a single moment anymore.
Once understood, what is the problem? Why cannot you put yourself aside? Why cannot you be in a state where no'I' exists?

Once you have learned the ART of opening, the ART of being silent, it does not matter whether I am present or not.
If you have really learned it, it will happen anywhere.
It may be a little difficult in the beginning, but soon you will get the knack of it.

As far as I am concerned and my people are concerned, they should live wholeheartedly -- live the day and live the night too.
Don't miss anything. Make your life such a complementary whole that everything fits together and makes it a piece of ART a beautiful phenomenon.

It seems to be a fallacy all over the world that just because you are born you know how to live.
This is not right.
To be born is one thing.
To know the ART of living and of living fully is totally different. Birth is only an opportunity -- you can make it or mar it.
Birth is not equivalent to life.
Almost everybody thinks that birth is equivalent to life; so it is bound to become a drag -- just breathing, eating every day, going to sleep, waking up in the morning, going to the same office, the same files and the same routine.
For idiots it is perfectly okay, but for anybody who has some intelligence it is bound to become drag.
Because he can see -- what is the point? Why after all am I living? If tomorrow is again going to be just a repetition of today, as today has been a repetition of yesterday, then why go on living? What is the point of unnecessarily repeating the same circle, the same routine, the same happenings? But the fallacy is in the fact that you have accepted a wrong concept, that birth is life. Birth is only an opportunity. Either you can learn to live a beautiful life or you can just drag yourself towards the graveyard. It is up to you.
There are people for whom life is a drag, and there are people for whom even death is a dance. I want to say to you that if you make your life an ART your death will be the culmination of the ART -- the highest peak, a beauty in itself.

Nobody wants to die. And it is true that life is a drag. But it is not life that is a drag, it is you -- you have not learned the ART of making life a joy, a thing of beauty, a piece of ART Unless a man is creative, he cannot find much joy in life. So the first principle is: Be creative. Don't bother whether you become a world-famous artist or not; that is not the significant thing.
But create something -- a beautiful song, a little music, a dance, a painting, a garden.
And when the roses blossom...
you cannot say that life is a drag with so many roses blossoming.
A beautiful painting...
you cannot say life is a drag, because this painting has been created for the first time in the world and for the last time.
Nobody has done it before, and nobody will do it again; only you were capable of doing it. Express your uniqueness in whatsoever you do. Express your individuality. Let existence be proud of you.

If you can make your ordinary life a thing of beauty and ART all that you had always desired will start happening of its own accord.

The first step in the ART of living will be to create a demarcation line between ignorance and innocence.
Innocence has to be supported, protected -- because the child has brought with him the greatest treasure, the treasure that sages find after arduous effort.
Sages have said that they become children again, that they are reborn.

Make everything creative, make the best out of the worst -- that's what I call `the art'.
And if a man has lived his whole life making every moment and every phase of it a beauty, a love, a joy, naturally his death is going to be the ultimate peak of his whole life's endeavor.
The last touches...
his death is not going to be ugly as it ordinarily happens every day to everyone. If death is ugly, that means your whole life has been a wastage. Death should be a peaceful acceptance, a loving entry into the unknown, a joyful goodbye to old friends, to the old world.
There should not be any tragedy in it.

A certain situation is pressing the remote controller, and you feel sad, you feel angry, you feel frustrated, you feel worried, you feel tense -- all these things are coming from the outside, and the mind is responding to them. But you are the watcher. You are not the actor.
It is not your reaction. Hence the whole ART of meditation is to learn awareness, alertness, consciousness. While you are feeling angry, don't repress it; let it be there.
Just become aware.
See it as if it is some object outside you. Slowly slowly, go on cutting your identifications with the mind.
Then you have found your real individuality, your being, your soul. Finding this awareness is enlightenment -- you have become luminous. You are no more in darkness, and you are no more just a puppet in the hands of the mind.

A joyous person is intelligent. A joyous person knows the ART of life; otherwise he cannot be joyous.
And a joyous person is dangerous to all those vested interests which go against humanity. Those interests want humanity to live in hell forever.
They have managed in every possible way to keep you in misery.
They destroy everything that you can rejoice in, and they give you ample opportunity to be miserable.
A miserable person is not a danger to this rotten society.

Disobedience is an ART It is not against anybody, and it is not something hard.
You can be very polite, you can be really nice, and yet disobedient.
It looks difficult because we have become accustomed to the association that the disobedient person is a hard person, that he is not gentle, that he is not nice.
That is a wrong association. I have disobeyed my whole life -- my parents, my teachers, my elders -- but I have never let them feel that I am in any way disrespectful to them, or that I am being nasty to them. Disobedience is a greater ART than obedience. Obedience needs no ART

to love music is good, to love dance is good, to play music is good, to dance is good -- but remember, that is not the end.
You have to go far -- away from music, away from dance -- to understand the real beauty of any creative ART
Every creative ART brings you to your innermost being where there is just calmness, utter quietness, absolute silence. Then you can say, "I have heard that which cannot be heard.
And I have seen that which cannot be seen."

There have been enlightened painters.
They have never spoken because word was not their ART but they have painted.
And their paintings are totally different from ordinary paintings, even of the great masters.
Even the greatest master painters are unconscious people; what they paint reflects their unconsciousness. But if a realized man paints, then his painting has a totally different beauty.
It is not only a painting, it is a message too.
It has a meaning to be discovered.
The meaning has been given in code, because the man was capable only of painting, so his painting is a code.
You have to discover the code, and then the painting will reveal immense meanings.
The deeper you go into those meanings, the more and more you will find.
The other paintings are just flat; they may be made by masters, but they are flat.
The paintings made by a realized man are multidimensional, they are not flat.
They want to say something to you.


So while you are alive, why not share as much as you can? Things which can be taken away any moment ...it is better that you share them.
And it is a great joy to share.
The man who learns the ART of sharing is the richest man in the world.
He may be poor, but his inner being has a quality of richness that even emperors may feel jealous of.

Life is a river.
Don't push it and you will not be miserable.
The ART of not pushing the river of life is sannyas.

The ART of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the ART of seeing the necessity of the opposite.
Light can exist only if darkness exists.
Then why hate darkness? Without darkness there will be no light, so those who love light and hate darkness are in a dilemma; they don't know what they are doing.

Sannyas is not renunciation, it is a way to live life in its totality and intensity.
It is the ART of living life in all its dimensions, it is the way to live life in all its richness.
It is not the old idea of sannyas.
I am not creating monks and nuns -- no, not at all.
I am creating alive people, vibrant, pulsating, zestful people, young and fresh, ready to go on any adventure in search of truth, in search of love, in search of God.

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