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Improve your Life - Materially and Spiritually

Practicing this meditation regularly can lead to more harmony and a better sense of well-being in your material and spiritual life.
It can also help you in solving the many day-to-day problems that arise in this day and age. This is one reason it is also called the "Meditation for this Age®".

It is not necessary to have any specific Kind of spiritual orientation to practice this meditation. There are no doctrines taught that call for you to believe any one concept about God. If you do not resonate with "God," translate that reference into whatever term you feel is deserving of a capital letter, like Existence, Mother Nature, Universe, Higher Self, etc.

The GMP® stands for Gourasana Meditation Practice®. It is named after Gourasana because He is the one who developed it in its full form. The GMP is a contemporary meditation practice; it modernizes the age-old practice of going within by including components that are particularly relevant for life today.

Main components of this meditation

1. Opening (going deeply within, praying, releasing emotions, and letting go)
2. Calming the mind, senses, and emotions
3. Meditative thinking
4. Action (using the answers you get from meditative thinking to make necessary changes for your overall well being - for your many life circumstances both materially and spiritually).

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