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Paul Lowe, Michael Barnett, Alan Lowen
beautiful beings spreading Love Light Awarenes and, altrough indirectly, Osho into the world ...


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A few therapists betray Osho


In the commune I had hundreds of different therapeutic schools working, but I was working to destroy every therapy. The therapists were working to destroy your problems, and I was trying to destroy therapies and the therapists!--because a therapy can be only a temporary relief, and the therapist can be only a very superficial help. spirit06

Teertha (Paul Lowe) was hoping.... He was the first therapist to join the ashram; naturally, because he was the first, he became the chief therapist without any formalities. Nobody had told him that he was the chief therapist. It was just by coincidence, because he was here before anybody else--the other therapists came later on--that he managed to become the chief. And there was no harm in it; somebody had to take care of all the therapy groups.

When the commune dispersed, Teertha (Paul Lowe) saw clearly that I cannot be in America--for fifteen years I cannot enter America. And in India the American government is pressurizing the Indian government that no foreign sannyasins should be allowed in.

Seeing the situation, he thought it was better to open an institute of his own in Italy. There was no harm in opening the institute in Italy. I had to tell my therapists that wherever they were they should continue to create institutes, communes, because all European countries have banned me. I cannot enter into Europe, I cannot go to America, and foreign sannyasins cannot come into India.

Now there was no need to accept me as his master; there was a chance of becoming a master himself. So Teertha (Paul Lowe) has become a mini-guru. He knows nothing about enlightenment. He has never meditated. Here he was involved with his groups, which have nothing to do with meditation. And I have told these therapists, "You should meditate," but it was against their egos, because they were therapists. Thirty or forty people were joining their groups, and they were the leaders. To meditate with the same people was against their egos, so they never meditated.

People must have been asking him, "Is your institute Osho's institute?"

He said, "I have not been Osho's disciple.... "

Then what was he doing here? What was he doing in America? And the same has been done by poor Somendra (Michael Barnett) , by Rajen (Alan Lowen), by a few other therapists--they are all therapists. Finding an opportunity that they can become mini-gurus.... But for that they have had to deny that they had anything to do with Osho.

There were many reasons why I told you to drop the malas, to drop the orange clothes: First, so that you can enter this country (India); otherwise you cannot enter this country. Second, you will not be known to the world as my disciples, so there will not come any moment to deny it. I am simply trying to save you from telling lies, and making you absolutely independent even while you are here. You come here as friends--more than that seems to be risky. I will continue to do whatever I can do for you. I see not only your present--but possibilities in the future.

All these people are lying, and I don't feel it right to contradict their lies--they have been my disciples, I have loved them and I still love them. It is below me to contradict their lies. If their spiritual growth happens somehow, they may realize by themselves. razor06

Just the other day I had the message from a sannyasin that Teertha (Paul Lowe) is saying to people that my state and his state are now the same--we are friends. For this he was hanging around for fifteen years. Rajen (Alan Lowen) is saying to people, "Now I am no longer a disciple but a friend, and I have the same status."

These were the people that I wanted to get rid of as peacefully, as lovingly as possible....

Now in Rajen (Alan Lowen)'s groups even my name is not mentioned. What is the need of mentioning the name of a friend? You have many friends--you don't mention their names.

Teertha (Paul Lowe) has made an academy. Devageet was there; he worked hard to find the place, to arrange it, hoping that it was going to be Osho's meditation academy. But when he saw the board being put up it said simply "Meditation Academy."

He asked, "But no mention of Osho?"

And Teertha (Paul Lowe) and Vedana and others who were involved in it simply said, "We are all friends--why put Osho's name there?"

They printed a brochure, and Devageet was saying to me, "I cried, and I had to fight almost physically because Your name was not even mentioned in the brochure. It was not even mentioned that the meditations they will be teaching have something to do with You. They have all their pictures in the brochure, but Your picture is not there." Because he fought so much, finally they agreed to put in a picture of me, a strange picture, an old picture that nobody would recognize--it must be a picture taken by someone in '74--and that too a small picture, and without mentioning my name or saying anything about who the person is.

Devageet, simply out of disgust, left the place. And now these same people are trying to have a world festival--in which my name is not mentioned. There is no need, naturally, to mention the name of a man who is your friend; you have many friends! But they will be exploiting the sannyasins.

The strategy is very clear, because I have been seeing: when they advertise their groups in our newspapers, newsletters, magazines, then they are in orange clothes with the mala. None of them is using red clothes or mala, and in the group not even my name is mentioned. But in advertisements, to attract sannyasins to participate in the groups, all of them are publishing their pictures with malas, with orange dress--as if they are old sannyasins. Just to make these people feel at ease, I withdrew myself from their lives....

It was simply hilarious when I read Teertha (Paul Lowe) 's letter. In the end he writes, "I am doing the same work as you are doing; the only difference is that you are doing it on a bigger scale and I am doing it on a personal scale, individual to individual. But the work is the same." And then came this second news that he told somebody on the phone, who informed me, "I am of the same state."

It is good that they are feeling good. psycho24

This weekend there is a big sannyasin festival in Florence with dance and meditation and music. Is your heart with all these thousands of sannyasins?

In the first place, there are not going to be thousands of sannyasins there, for the simple reason that the people who are organizing it are no longer with me. They are trying to cheat the sannyasins. Only three hundred sannyasins have booked for it, and the organizers are declaring it to be the first world festival since the last one in the commune in Oregon, America.

But my name is not mentioned in it. It is not my festival. It is those few people, those few therapists, who want to exploit the sannyasins. But they are in trouble, because three hundred sannyasins coming will only cover the expenses--they were hoping thousands would come. And also, the three hundred are coming because they are not aware that these people have started working against me.

My heart will be with my people wherever they are. I will be with my sannyasins--and I have to be, particularly to show to them that this is not my festival, that they have been deceived, that the people on the stage have ugly ideas. They are all pretending to be masters, that they have become enlightened.

But the festival is going to be a fiasco....

And you have to write to all your friends in Italy: "Make it clear to these people that you cannot exploit sannyasins. If you are no longer sannyasins, then simply get out from here. This is a festival of sannyasins--we will manage it. Leave the stage! The empty stage is far better than a stage full of those who have betrayed." psycho32

I have told you about a world festival that Teertha (Paul Lowe) , Rajen (Alan Lowen), Poonam and others were arranging in Italy. Just yesterday the news came that very few people reached there; they have made a great loss of fifteen thousand dollars, and the whole thing was absolutely dead and flat. All these great therapists were on stage, but there was no celebration, there was no feeling that you are in the presence of someone who is enlightened. People left disappointed, disgusted with the whole thing....

It is unfortunate, but I will have to make my people aware of the dangers of these therapists, because they will exaggerate their claims, saying that they have been with me for fifteen years. But they have not been with me for fifteen seconds. They were playing their own small role of being a guru to a small group of people. They had come for themselves, but they forgot completely. This is what happens to accidental people: they come for one thing and buy something else. psycho40

We had a property of the commune in Laguna Beach in America, and our sannyasins were running it; we had made a board of directors. It was a three million dollar property. What Santosh did was, he took three hundred sannyasins from the ranch to Laguna Beach, and all the sannyasins became members of the Laguna Beach commune--and of course they changed the whole board of directors. Santosh brought his own directors, his own board, and he opened a dehypnotherapy institute in Laguna Beach. My name is not mentioned. He has appropriated the property without thinking of its legal implications....

Santosh has done a great service to us. Now he is the head priest. He knows nothing as far as experience is concerned, and he will destroy many people. So I have informed our people that something has to be done and Santosh has to be removed from there; or he has to pay three million dollars, and then he can do whatever he wants to do in the property. And our sannyasins have to be informed that his hypnotherapy is not going to help them. psycho40

Santosh has started publishing a small newspaper. Even my name is not mentioned anywhere in the institute for dehypnotherapy that he has created there. And in this newspaper, just two days ago I saw: he has an announcement that all the European countries have prohibited the entry of Osho into their countries, so those who are waiting, hoping that sooner or later Osho will be coming to Europe, should drop the hope. "And we are already doing the same work." Now, their whole fear is, if I come back to Europe then they cannot go on being mini-gurus--just like mini-skirts, nothing much material.

And Santosh is happy that I cannot enter America for at least five years. But they are wrong. It makes no difference whether I am in Europe or in America, Australia, or in India.

Those who have loved me and those who have drunk out of my well, will not find another who will be satisfying. At least right now, there is nobody else. There used to be one--J. Krishnamurti. Unfortunately, he is dead.

These people, at least ninety percent of them, will come back. The ten percent, the very hard-core egoists, may find it difficult to come back--although they need not find it difficult, because I never even asked you why you left. That is your business. Why have you come? That too is your decision, and you have all the freedom to join or not to join.

I am not at all disturbed or annoyed by anybody. Because here, with me, you are not supposed to give anything in return for whatever you feel I have done for you. And in fact, I don't need anything to be returned by you because it is not a bargain, a deal, a business. It is simply my love.

I love the truth--I have found it.

I have loved you--I have found you also.

Now my only remaining work is somehow to turn your eyes towards the truth. Once that happens, then there is no need for me to be here.

But I am not a serious man, I can still be here. So you don't be worried; most probably I will be here.



But people who drop sannyas get into a very difficult situation.
They cannot come back because they feel embarrassed: what to say now? -- because when they dropped, people were asking "Why are you dropping sannyas?"
Then they were saying many things against me or against the commune or against the organization.
Now, if they want to come back they have closed their doors on themselves. People will ask, "What happened? You were speaking against all these things; now is everything alright again?" With what face...?
But I want to tell all of the sannyasins who want to come back that they will be welcomed with great joy.
It is human once in a while to go astray.
It is not something very serious at all, and with me nothing is serious.
You wanted to taste the world as a nonsannyasin -- perfectly good.
Now you feel that it was not worth while, and you want to come back. It is your home -- come back.
Why should this poor Somendra (Michael Barnett) ask God?... because I know He is not there, nobody is going to answer.
And if he tries to create a commune on his own, he will get into a mess, into trouble, into all kinds of problems.
He himself is not yet in a state where he can be of any real help to anybody. He himself needs help.
His creating a commune is just like a blind man collecting other blind men and saying, "Come follow me."

From Personality to Individuality

- Osho -

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