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The antichrist is already in the Vatican

Thousands of people have been killed by these people who represent "the church."
And what peace have they brought to the world?
You can see: the two world wars have been fought in the Christian section of the world; and the third world war will also be fought in the Christian section of the world.
These people are representatives not of peace but of death.

So I say categorically that the antichrist is already in the Vatican.
He has started doing the worst that can be done to humanity.
He is preaching to the whole world against birth control, against the pill, against abortion.
That is enough, that will destroy this whole world through starvation, through poverty.
Right now there are five billion people on the earth -- and the earth is capable of supporting joyously not more than one billion people.
One billion people can live on this earth in a dance, in ecstasy -- but five billion people?
And by the end of this century the population will be six billion.
Out of sheer overpopulation -- no nuclear weapons are needed -- humanity can commit suicide.

My answer is absolutely clear: Pope the Polack is the antichrist; all the popes have been -- and not only in Christianity but in every religion.

Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries
Chapter #10
Chapter title: Pope the polack is the antichrist

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