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Teaching poor people against birth control



I have to criticize religions which are obstructing human progress, in many ways.
Right now all the Christian priests, Hindu priests, Mohammedan priests all around the world are doing one thing: teaching poor people against birth control, because it is overpopulation that is going to give them numbers. And it is overpopulation that is going to keep half of the earth poor, starving -- and the poor and the starving are easily vulnerable to being converted.
You just give them education, food, a house to live in and you have brought gifts from God -- they will be Christians. Poverty should continue; otherwise who is going to be in the churches, who is going to be converted?

I have to say categorically that all conversion is criminal.
Nobody has the right to impose his own ideology on other people.
You have the right to express your ideology and leave it for people to think about.
If you have provoked thinking, that's enough.
You have done a great job if you have triggered thinking.

A child was just asking, "Why is God there? What is the need?"
The child must be very intelligent, he has asked a very significant question.
It is because of fear.
It is because of ignorance.
It is because inside, you are full of darkness.
Hence you are continuously afraid.
Outside, you know there is going to be death, sooner or later.
You know there is going to be old age, there is going to be sickness, all kinds of diseases, and you are going to suffer all these things.
Humanity has to be somehow consoled: "Don't be worried, God is taking care of you. He is the creator -- you may not be looking at him, but he is always looking at you." Don't get afraid of the idea -- because once you are alone in your room and you start feeling that he is looking from the roof....

And man is so imaginative, he can manage it that behind those two eyes there is a head, and of course you will be in a panic! You may have been talking about God but you don't know... if you meet him, what are you going to say?
For the part of humanity that is not going to try and experience its own light, society has to give substitutes. God is a substitute, a name -- just a lollipop... nothing of much use, no nourishment, but sounds good: "lollipop."
Because of the concept of God, man has been able to live -- not very joyously, because his whole living is based on wrong principles. But still, somehow he has been able to drag through his life.
Without God you sudddenly feel a cold wave around you, a dark night surrounding you.
God was the great father -- protection, security, hope... all are gone.

This makes one mature -- if you can get rid of God you are mature.
According to me, twenty-one years of age does not make you mature, adult.
Only one thing makes man mature, and that is getting rid of God -- because God is a bundle of all kinds of fears, greeds, hopes. It is opium; it keeps you drugged.
But while you are drugged your life is slipping by, and soon death will knock on the door and then it will be too late.

To find the real answer to the question you have to sit silently, alert, not falling asleep, and just going inwards, slowly slowly.... First it will start becoming darker and darker and darker, and then suddenly there is dawn, and the birds are singing and the sun is rising and you are free.
Your wings are open for the first time.
Now you can claim the whole sky with all its stars.
A man without God is an authentic man.
A man with God is just a shadow, he has not entered into the world of reality yet.

You have millions of priests and none of them has the courage to say that he has encountered God.
Not even the representatives -- the pope, the shankaracharyas, Ayatollah Khomeini -- not even these people are courageous enough to say that they have encountered God.
They are as afraid as you are; there are doubts in their minds as there are doubts in your mind, because doubts disappear only when you have experienced something.
God is not a question of belief, it is an experience of inner light.
Then you can give it any name.
You can call it God, you can call it truth, you can call it love, you can call it peace.
You can call it life -- it does not matter what word is used, but it should be based on experience.
Once you have experienced your light, you know there is no need of any other God.
The whole existence is godly.

Sermons in Stones
Chapter #11
Chapter title: I have to be offensive to wake you up!

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