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The earth is dying from overpopulation

All condemnation of sex and all appreciation of celibacy should be absolutely stopped; otherwise we cannot get rid of AIDS.
It is going to spread -- it is spreading.
It is a simple fact that the earth is undivided.
What is the need for so many nations, except that they fulfill so many people's ego trips?
There is no other need.
Why should Germany be afraid of immigrants, and give incentives to Germans to produce more children, when the earth is dying from overpopulation? If there was one world government we could shift population from one place to another place. Wherever the population starts decreasing, it should be replaced by the increasing population from other nations.

Once we accept that the world is one, then there is no need to destroy, every year, billions of dollars' worth of food in America, in Europe. They have to destroy it, and people in the East are dying.
In Ethiopia one thousand people were dying every day, and at that very time in Europe they wasted two billion dollars in carrying their foodstuffs to be drowned in the ocean. If the world is one, and some countries are producing more and some countries have become barren, the food can be distributed very easily.

If religions disappear from the world, then many idiotic things will disappear with them.
They are against birth control, although they know perfectly well that Jesus is the only begotten son of God -- God created only one son in the whole of eternity. He must be practicing birth control; otherwise why only one son? -- at least one daughter as well.
But the religions are against birth control, they are against abortion, without any feeling for the danger of overpopulation -- that the world will kill itself.
That death will be very cruel because it does not come immediately; when a person dies because of hunger, it takes months of torture and suffering.
A healthy man can live without food for three months; then he will die, because the healthy man has a reservoir of energy in his body, which is for emergency purposes. But even the poorest man, the sickest man, will take a few days, a few weeks to die. Those few weeks of hunger are going to be absolute hell. But religions are concerned with creating more children because more children means more power -- power in two ways: more votes, and more fodder for your cannons in war.
For twenty to thirty years absolute birth control should be practiced. It is not a question of democracy, because it is a choice between life and death. If the whole world is going to die, what are you going to do with your democracy?
Democracy will be the rule then -- for the graves, of the graves, by the graves -- because people will have disappeared.
Religions carry superstitions of all kinds which are hindering your intelligence, your vision, your possibility of creating a new man in the world.

One thing is certain -- the old humanity is going to die.
If we can make the people of the world understand, then a new kind of man can survive.
He will be a citizen of the world -- no nations.
He will be religious -- but no religion. He will be scientific -- but not destructive; his whole science will be devoted to creation.
He will be pious, compassionate, loving -- but not celibate; that is a kind of lunacy.
A celibate is a lunatic.
The new man will stop all kinds of experiments which are increasing the heat of the atmosphere around the earth, because the priority is life, not your experiments.
The new man will not send rockets to create holes from which death-rays can enter into our atmosphere; there is no need at all. And if the need arises, then you should also be prepared to close those holes -- the moment the rocket goes out, the hole is closed; the moment the rocket comes in, the hole is closed.
That is the only way to avoid the seas bringing the old story of the flood in which everything was destroyed... and now even Noah's Ark will not help, because the flood will never recede.
A new man without any burden of the past, more meditative, more silent, more loving... all the universities, rather than wasting their time on superficial subjects, should devote time to creating more consciousness in man.

But football seems to be more important. It is one of the most idiotic games... and millions of people go mad when there is a football match.

The Razor's Edge
Chapter #2
Chapter title: The new man: a citizen of the world

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