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Christians should start committing suicide and serve humanity

I don't tell you about tomorrow, I tell you only of this moment.
And if you can enjoy this moment, the next moment you will be more capable of enjoying.
If tomorrow ever comes, you will be ready to dance, to love.
These religions are bound to be against me, because they are not religions.
I want it to be emphasized that this is the only religion.
All those religions of the past were sick, pathological.
If you start thinking about them, you can easily see that they were pathological.
They have made the whole world sick, and they are still going on doing it.
They call it "service to humanity."

Mother Teresa wrote a letter to me.
Because I criticized her a few years ago, she wrote a letter to me: "I cannot understand your criticism. Service to humanity is the true religion. Don't you agree with it?"
I wrote to her, "Yes, I agree. Tell all six hundred million Catholics to commit suicide. That will be a service to humanity."

The world is suffering from overpopulation -- Christians should start committing suicide and serve humanity.
But they go on doing just the opposite; they go on opening hospitals, they go on saving orphans.
They are against birth control, they are against abortion.
This is service to humanity? Nothing can be more poisonous to humanity than what Mother Teresa is doing.
In her letter she asked me, "Are you infallible? I believe in the infallible Jesus Christ."
I am not such a fool as to be infallible.
I am an ordinary man just like you.
I am very much fallible.
One of my Indian sannyasins is here -- his name is Falibhai.
Whenever I see him I think to change his name to "Fallible-bhai."

Jesus is claiming that he is infallible -- and he cannot see that Judas is going to betray him.
He cannot see that going to Jerusalem during that religious festival is going to death. Only on the cross does he wake up; and he shouts at God, "Have you forsaken me?"
But the skies remain silent....

From the False to the Truth
Chapter #4
Chapter title: Just drop the cross!

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