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When a person says: "I have realized!" you can know well that he has not. That's why all the buddhas have said that whenever somebody claims, the very claim shows that he has not reached the final peak, because at the final peak, the claimer disappears.

- The Grass Grows by Itself

If the emphasis is on "I," you know the doer is still there.

The day one comes to see oneself, the whole existence becomes enlightened. It is not that a person becomes enlightened - the very idea of being a person, is part of the unenlightened mind. It is not that I have become enlightened; the 'I' has to be dropped before one can become enlightened. The day I became enlightened the whole existence became enlightened. Since that moment I have not seen anything other than Buddhas - in many forms, with many names, with a thousand and one problems, but Buddhas still. So I salute the Buddha within you
- The Heart Sutra

YOU ARE IT! That's the only thing that is real.

Just like a cat chasing its own tail, that is what is happening to you when you are trying to catch hold of your ego. It is 'I' who is trying to catch The "I" is the catcher and the caught both. See the ridiculousness of it, and in that very seeing be free of it. There is not a thing to be done - not a thing, I say, because you are already that which you want to become. You are Buddhas, you have never been otherwise. Seeing is enough.
- The Heart sutra

This very moment you can see that you are a buddha - no need to do anthing else at all. Seeing is enough.

You will have to become so huge that time and space both disappear in you. Then not only are the past Buddhas your contemporaries, but future Buddhas too. Then the whole existence exists in THIS moment, culminates, converges, in this moment. ALL that has been, all that is, and all that will be, converges into this here now.
- The Perfect Master

This! Here! Now!

Now only individuals won't do. A Buddha only here and there won't be of much help. The world has gone too much into hate. The world is so full of hate that it is almost like an ocean of hatred, and a Buddha will be just a spoonful of sugar - it won't change the taste of the ocean. We will need THOUSANDS of Buddhas.
- The Guest

We will need thousands of buddhas, and you are one of them.

I want my sannyasins to be concerned only with the very essential. The non-essentials have destroyed the whole beauty. And once the non-essentials start becoming important the essential is lost. And there are a thousand and one non-essential things in life.
- Unpublished Darshan Diary

Be concerned only with the essential - to wake up and help others to wake up to the fact that we are buddhas.

Because all the founders of the great religions were men, women have missed. My effort here is to put the balance right. I would like many woman sannyasins to become enlightened - this will be happening for the first time - so that the other approach also becomes very clear. Women need not go on following something which does not fit with their deepest longing, which remains a little distant. I don't feel truth can ever be very close to a woman; some distance will remain. She can try to reach it - and many women have tried and a few of them have even reached to the ultimate peak. But they remain secondary, they are bound to. They cannot compete with a Buddha. Even if they realise truth, even after their realisation, their _expression will remain very ordinary compared to Buddha, because what he has found fits with his whole being. And for a woman truth remains a little bit alien, strange. Only love can release the woman and her energies. So here I am trying to give men their methods and to woman, a totally different approach. Yes, there are a few men who would like to move through love and there are a few women who would like to move through truth. Those are exceptions, they need not be counted; they only prove the rule. So whenever a man becomes realised he becomes s Gautam Buddha, he becomes a prophet of truth, but whenever a woman achieves she is bound to become a priestess of love.
- Unpublished Darshan Diary

So awake, basically the mail energy becomes Gautam Buddha speaking the truth, and the female energy becomes priestess of love...

Asking a Master about the graves of other enlightened people is such a stupidity, but it looks as if you are asking a religious question.
- Come, Come Yet Again Come

Whenever you sit with a master, do not ask his/her opinion about Osho or any master - what's the point? Just use the situation to wake up!

I am telling you that you are Gods, that you are Buddhas, that there is no other God than you. That is the most difficult thing to accept. You would like to be a sinner, you would like to be guilty, you would like to be thrown into hell, but you cannot accept that you are a Buddha, an awakened one, because then all problems are solved. And when problems are solved, YOU start disappearing. And to disappear into the whole is the only thing of any worth, is the only thing of any significance.
- The Goose is Out

To disappear into the whole is the only thing of any worth, is the only thing of any significance.

I am determined that I will leave this body only when at least one thousand and one of my disciples are enlightened, not before that. Remember it! It is not going to be difficult - the basic work has been done - it is just a question of a little patience.
- Glimpses of a Golden Childhood

You need not doubt that Osho wanted us enlightened!

The more you dare, the nearer you come to home. Only the daredevils ever become buddhas, remember!
- Glimpses of a Golden Childhood

We have to create millions of buddhas...

You ask me, "Is there any possibility of your religion not being reduced to a cult?" Yes, there is a possibility, only one possibility - and that is that sannyasins go on becoming enlightened, so there is always a chain of enlightened people around.
- From Ignorance to Innocence

...so there is always a chain of enlightened people around.

Just two hundred enlightened people can transform the whole character of humanity. Gurdjieff could not manage it, but what he said is true. And I am going to manage it! I will not leave you unless I have made enough people enlightened so that they can make the whole world afire, alive. I am depending on you, not on any books. Those books may be helpful in some way to bring people to you, but my word will be throbbing in your heart; only then can you help anybody who comes to you.
- From the False to the Truth

...so that they can make the world afire...

I want you to be enlightened. I want it to become the most important historical fact that thousands of people relax into their ordinariness and become enlightened. Yes, in the past it was so that after thousands of years one person may become enlightened. I don't live in that bullock-cart age; I am a contemporary man. I want you to become enlightened with jet speed - and it is possible. I am not asking the impossible.
- From the False to the Truth

... so that thousands of people relax in their ordinariness and realize that they are enlightened.

There are enlightened sannyasins. It is just out of gratitude that they don't want their names to be declared. While I am here, they don't want themselves to be declared as enlightened. I would love to declare them, but I can understand their difficulties. People will start feeling jealous, people will start feeling competitive. People will start finding faults in them. Why create trouble for those people?
- From Death to Deahlessness

Once you become visible as awake, these reactions are bound to come your way...

Even enlightened people have individuality, they remain unique - for the simple reason that they have a unique body/mind structure, and anything that comes to you has to come through that structure.
- Beyond Psychology

Every awake person is unique...

One day, that day also comes in your life when enlightenment becomes so natural to you - just like breathing, just like the heartbeat, just like the blood running through your veins - that you don't even feel it. And the blood is going really fast, round and round from feet to head, but we don't feel it; we are born with it, we are accustomed to it. When enlightenment becomes just a natural phenomenon, then the last mystery opens its door: one goes even beyond enlightenment. Going beyond enlightenment means one becomes just ordinary, part of this vast universe - without any claim, without any superiority, without any ego. One simply dissolves in the ocean of reality, just like a dewdrop in the morning sun slipping from the lotus leaf into the ocean. That is the last... Then there is nothing else left to happen; you have become the ocean. Enlightenment still keeps something of you... very fragile, but there is still some idea of "I." And because of enlightenment, not knowingly, you are superior and you feel superior. That's why the last step, when even that smallest part of "I" also dissolves... now you are neither superior nor inferior: you are not. Existence is. Buddha calls it nirvana. He has chosen the best word for it.
- The Path of the Mystic

Ordinary, natural, not superior, not inferior...

Before you start helping others, I want you to have helped yourself. Before you start enlightening other people, make sure that you are enlightened yourself. Whatever you want to spread must be your living experience.
- Beyond Enlightenment

Whatever you want to spread must be your living experience.

Your seeing me as a born buddha,I is right, but don't forget your responsibility. It means you have to prove it too - that you are also a born Buddha. I don't want you to worship buddhas, I want you to BECOME buddhas. That is the only right worship.
- Beyond Enlightenment

To become buddhas is the only right worship.

Enlightenment makes you special. That means something of the ego in some subtle form still remains. Others are ignorant, you are a knower; others are going towards hell, your paradise is guaranteed. These are the last remnants of a dying ego. And when this ego also dies, the buddha becomes an ordinary human being, not knowing at all that he is holier than thou, higher than you, special in any sense - so ordinary that even a bottle of wine is acceptable. The whole of life is acceptable; the days and the nights, the flowers and the thorns, the saints and the sinners - all are acceptable, with no discrimination at all. This ordinariness is really the greatest flowering of human reality.
- Beyond Enlightenment

That ordinariness that includes everything - saints and sinners both - is the greatest flowering of human consciousness.

Not only you all will be enlightened; you all will be masters! All enlightened people have not been masters, but I can say with tremendous guarantee that my people, once they become enlightened, are going to be masters, for the simple reason that I have been preparing you to convey the message. I am giving you all the devices: how to create bridges between you and those who are blind; how to find words which can contain at least a hint of your experience. Talking to you twice every day for almost thirty-five years....
- The Golden Future

My people, once they become enlightened, are going to be masters...

Up to now it has been happening: ONLY ONE PERSON IN A MILLION BECOMES ENLIGHTENED WITHOUT A TEACHER'S HELP. Perhaps I am that one person, because I don't know of any enlightened people in the whole history of mankind who have not had a master. But Bodhidharma recognized the fact and the possibility, although he himself had a master.
- Bodhidharma: The greatest Zen Master

Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without the help of a teacher...

Every person has his own uniqueness. And when he becomes enlightened, his uniqueness becomes even more unique. He becomes a Himalayan peak, like Gourishankar, standing aloof, alone, reaching to the stars. It is just itself. All enlightened people, howsoever different in their behavior, howsoever different in their philosophies, howsoever different in their actions, howsoever different in their individualities, still have the same taste, still have the same no-mind. Their innermost core is the same. It is the same light. Don't go according to the shape of the candle. The candle can have any kind of shape, but the flame in every candle - of different shapes, different sizes, different colors - is the same. Those who know the flame don't bother about the candles and their shapes and their sizes and their colors. What is important is not the candle; what is important is the flame.
- Bodhidharma: The greatest Zen Master

Don't bother about the shape, size, color of a buddha, just bother about the light emanating... don't be concerned with who transmits the light, just find LIGHT!

Enlightenment makes you blossom, come to spring with your whole potentiality becoming actual; it does not mean that you become incapable of committing any mistake. In fact the enlightened man becomes so humble that if you point out his mistakes he will accept them. He is so detached from his own personality, it does not matter. He has no ego; he is not hurt. And he accepts that there are possibilities where he may become too one-sided, may lean into this multidimensional existence more towards certain dimensions, may become averse to the dimensions which are against his own experiences and feelings. Existence contains all contradictions, and even at the highest point of enlightenment it is very difficult to contain contradictions.
- Bodhidharma: The greatest Zen Master

Existence contains all contradictions...

I have my own ways of making people enlightened. I have learned a secret: first exhaust the energy that has become your infatuation, your greed, your ego, your lust for power, and all kinds of things. First exhaust it. And once you have been around the block seven times, and tears are coming to your eyes, and you have not found enlightenment, I will say to you, "Just rest a little; then we can discuss enlightenment." Just rest, and in that very rest, you become aware of your inner flame. Unless you are exhausted you will remain interested in something or other. When you are exhausted all your interest disappears; all that you want is to be silent, at ease, relaxed - and that is the moment when enlightenment happens. It is not an object to be found; it is a realization of a silent being.
- The Invitation

When you are exhausted from your search, you relax...

First I have to create the desire, the longing, the passion, so strong that you drop all other small things and put your total energy into the search for enlightenment. I tell you to gather all your desires, to make your life one-pointed towards enlightenment. Once you have done this, half of the process is complete. Then begins the other half: "But on the other hand, the very desire to become enlightened prevents it." Even when you have been very thoroughgoing in your desiring, in your search, you will not find enlightenment. You gather all your desires, make your life one-pointed towards enlightenment - and I assure you, you will not find it! The more you search, the more you will be frustrated, because it is not something outside you that you can find. It is not something that you have to travel to. It is something within you. So when you have become thoroughly a frustrated seaker and searcher, so utterly in a state of defeatism that you have lost everything else; you staked everything else for enlightenment, and there seems to be no sign anywhere. Then comes frustration. At that moment the master says, "Now you have done enough search. Now drop all searching." One day when you get enough frustrated, you say, "To hell with enlightenment!" That is the day the miracle is going to happen. It happens always only in that moment.
- The Invitation

And one day, "To hell with enlightenment!

First go beyond mind. Then go beyond enlightenment too. Don't get stuck anywhere until you are simply an ordinary part of the existence, with the trees, with the birds, with the animals, with the rivers, with the mountains. You feel a deep harmony - no superiority, no inferiority.
- The Invitation

And don't get stuck anywhere until you are simply an ordinary part of existence...

Once you are enlightened there are no categories. Enlightenment simply means going beyond all categories, all mind trips, all ego trips. It is simply becoming one with the universe.
- Sat Chit Anand

Osho here redefines enlightenment as not only the realization that you are the whole, but including the maturing process afterwards until you become utterly ordinary, a nobody...

Not only are you enlightened, the trees and the rivers and the mountains and the stars, all are enlightened. To be alive is to be enlightened. Wherever there is life, wherever there is love, enlightenment is just hidden underneath. The whole effort is to help you to recognize it. All the meditations are nothing but an effort to feel your enlightenment - which is already the case; whether you feel it or not it does not matter. If you recognize it you will rejoice, your life will become a dance, moment to moment, of tremendous glory and majesty, of grace and gratitude. If you don't recognize it you will remain miserable. There have been masters like Bodhidharma. You ask him how to become enlightened and you will get such a good slap on your face that you will wake up immediately, saying, "I am sorry, I had just fallen asleep. I am enlightened." Those days were beautiful, when it was perfectly accepted that a master can slap the disciple. Promise me to never ask again, "I am not enlightened, how to become enlightened?"
- Hari Om Tat Sat

Every time you rest in meditation, you know it! That nothingness, that silence, which has no beginning and no end, all that which does not come and go, and which you can rest back into any moment you want - THAT is the real you. Now accept it once and for all. Otherwise Bodhidharma will give you a good slap, so you wake up again. At some point you will have to burn the bridge to the small man, the doing man, and say inside yourself, "Yes, I've come home! No more identification with the thoughts, the emotions, the sensations, the actions happening in or through the body-mind, now that you know you are Infinity itself, the Whole...

My own effort here is not to give you any meditation technique directly. This place is not a place of ascetics - people are enjoying everything. I want you to enjoy and to see the futility of it. I want to see how many times you become enlightened and how many times you become unenlightened. I know one day you will simply get tired and you will say, "Finished!"
- Hari Om Tat Sat

Be finished now!

Life is a continuous change. It knows no stop - not even a semicolon. Enlightenment is not to get stuck somewhere. Nobody has talked about beyond enlightenment, because what is the point? People are not even enlightened. But I'm certain my people are going to be enlightened, and I have to make them aware not to get stuck. Even enlightenment has to be transcended. Even transcendence has to be transcended. One has just to go on and on. Existence is infinite, in multidimensions - and there is no end anywhere. First become enlightened. Take care of first things first: be enlightened. Enlightenment is enough for the time being. Once you are enlightened you will not need anybody else to say to you to go beyond. You will go - you will have to go. There is nothing static. Nobody can stay young and nobody can remain just enlightened.
- Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

Once you are enlightened you will not need anybody else to say to you to go beyond. You will go - you will have to go!

Once you have remembered that you are a buddha, I cannot conceive of how you could forget it. You don't forget that you are a woman, doing thousands of things; you don't forget that you are a man, doing a thousand things; you don't forget that you are alive. And these are very ordinary things. Once you know that you are a buddha, there is no possibility of forgetting it.
- Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest

Once the shift has happended from you as a body-mind to the Whole, including your body-mind and everyone and everything else, it is such a radical shift that there is no way to lose it, to forget it.

I would like, in every country, hundreds of buddhas. And it can be done only if you are open, available, waiting for it - then it is going to happen.
- The Original Man

You can not wake up unless you open to be awakened, unless you are available to it, saying "yes" to it with your total heart.

This time the transmission of the lamp is going to happen to millions of people. The old buddhas had a very small company; my company is worldwide. I don't belong to any nation, to any religion, and I don't want you to belong to any nation or any religion. I want you to belong to the whole universe and spread the fire!
- The Original Man

It is going to happen to millions of people. Belong to the whole universe and spread the fire!

Each one in his nature is the buddha ... the enlightened one, the awakened one. Every man is just a seed ... he only needs to find the right soil in which to disappear, disperse his personality, his knowledge, his mind ... And suddenly the moon is reflected in the lake. And suddenly the pine on the hilltop is touching the moon. And suddenly out of nowhere arises your buddhahood. Remember this - twenty-four hours - not as a thought, but as a heartache, so that it becomes an undercurrent. Whatever you are doing becomes different because you are different. Your touch has a grace now; your smile has a sincerity; your eyes become just silent lakes. Your action reflects your heart, your being, your joy, your dance. There is no other god. There is no other temple. Except you - awakened to your full glory, to your full splendor - there is no religion.
- Dogen – A Zen Master, A search and a fulfilment

Once you have understood, you need to nourish it. Remember it - twenty-four hours - not as a thought, but as a heartache, so that it becomes an undercurrent.

This witness I have called the mirror. This is your eternity, this is your ultimate nature of buddhahood. Once you have tasted it, once you have walked the path to the life stream, you will never be the same again. Finally you have to awaken as a perfect buddha. To the eyes of a buddha, the whole existence becomes enlightened. The green of the trees become greener, the fragrance of the roses takes a new nuance, the full moon in the night reflects in your mirror without creating any ripples. The whole of life becomes a festival, a ceremony, a rejoicing.
- Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror

Once you have tasted buddhahood, the whole existence is enlightened and the whole life becomes a festival, a ceremony, a rejoicing.

A thousand years have passed. I have gathered more experience in these one thousand years. Hyakujo will have to listen to me. Enlightenment is also a growing process. It is not an event, but a process. Every enlightened person reaches higher into the realms of being.
- Hyakujo: The Everest of Zen

Enlightenment is a growing process ... every enlightened person reaches higher into the realms of being...

I want buddhas in every place, in every activity. I want the whole world full of buddhas. That is the only way we can transform the world into a paradise.
- Nansen: The Point of Departure

... buddhas in every place ...

You have to live out the buddha in your day-to-day life. The more buddhas there are, the world will have new skies, new dimensions, new doors opening... new mysteries, new miracles.
- Joshu: The Lion’s Roar

Once you live the buddha in your day-to-day life, more buddhas will be born and we will have new dimensions, new doors opening ...

All the vested interests are heading towards destroying this most beautiful planet. You can do only one thing to save it, and that is to become a buddha and spread your buddhahood - share it. We have to surround the whole globe with buddhas. They are our only hope. And I am not hoping in vain, you are going to be my witnesses.
- Christianity the Greatest Poison and Zen the Antidote to All Poisons

Are we not witnessing this mass-awakening taking off...?

I am absolutely happy about you. And the day when you all will start blossoming into buddhas will not only be a day of happiness for you, it will be a day of great celebration for the whole of existence.
- Communism: Zen Fire Zen Wind

... absolutely happy about you!

I predict that the third world war is not going to happen, because of you, because of my people around the earth! Millions of buddhas are capable of creating the atmosphere for peace, for love, for compassion, for celebration.
- I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now here

... because of you!

Our effort here is to create buddhas - not one or two but millions, so that they cannot be destroyed so easily. Only individuals have become enlightened, and they have been tortured by the masses. We want to create a wildfire of awareness surrounding the whole earth. Never before has such a great experiment been done.
- The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Yourself

Our effort is to create millions of buddhas so that they cannot be destroyed so easily...

I want the world to know that this is not a place where we are going to be satisfied with one enlightened master. Thousands of sannyasins have to become buddhas.
- The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Yourself

Thousands of sannyasins have to become buddhas.

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