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Intelligence is something that comes when mind is dropped.
Mind is never original, never radical.
Mind is always orthodox.
Mind is always repetitive, mechanical; it functions like a robot.
It goes on repeating the same thing over and over again.
It is like a COMPUTER: whatsoever you feed into it, it goes on chewing it again and again.

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Sw. GiganandIf scientists some day become capable of creating a parallel computer to mind... computers are there, but they are not yet minds.
They are still mechanisms, they have no organic unity; they don't have any center yet.
If some day it becomes possible... and it is possible that scientists may some day be able to create minds -- then you will know how much space that computer will take, and how much noise it will make.
Mind is making almost no noise; goes on working silently.
And such a servant! -- for seventy, eighty years.
And then, too, when you are dying your body may be old but your mind remains young. Its capacity remains yet the same.
Sometimes, if you have used it rightly, it even increases with your age! -- because the more you know, the more you understand, the more you have experienced and lived, the more capable your mind becomes.
When you die, everything in your body is ready to die -- except the mind.
That's why in the East we say mind leaves the body and enters another womb, because it is not yet ready to die.
The rebirth is of the mind. Once you have attained the state of samadhi, no-mind, then there will be no rebirth.
Then you will simply die. And with your dying, everything will be dissolved -- your body, your mind... only your witnessing soul will remain.
That is beyond time and space. Then you become one with existence; then you are no more separate from it.
The separation comes from the mind.


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