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The mind is always hankering. The mind is nothing but hankering, desiring something to happen. Sometimes it is thinking about money, to have more money, to have bigger houses, to have more respectability, to have more political power. Then you turn towards spirituality; the mind remains the same. Now you want to have more psychic powers -- telepathy, clairvoyance, and all sorts of nonsense. But the mind remains the same -- you want more. And if you want more you will remain ill. Health is in being contented with this moment. Health is when you are totally in this moment and happy and blessed. Illness is if you are asking for more.

Well ... due to my deep meditations with Osho in recent years I developed Siddhis ( Spiritual Powers) like telepathy, clairvoyance, mind reading etc. without asking for it and here you can have a taste of it ........

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courtesy © Robert Simeon Fay

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