With Freud a new kind of awareness has dawned on man: that suppression is wrong, that suppression brings with it nothing but self-pity and anguish. If a man fights with himself he can only ruin and destroy himself. If I make my left hand fight with my right hand, neither is going to win, but in the end the contest will certainly destroy me. While my two hands fight with themselves, I and I alone will be destroyed in the process. That is how, through denial and suppression of his natural instincts and emotions, man became suicidal and killed himself.


Remember, let this be the criterion: whatsoever brings joy and bliss and benediction IS true -- because bliss is God's nature.
Truth is another name for bliss.
Untruth brings misery.
If you live in lies, you will live in misery.
And if you are living in misery, remember and find out on what lies you have based your life. Withdraw yourself from those lies. Don't waste time and don't postpone. Immediately withdraw!
That withdrawal I call sannyas.
It is not withdrawing from the world, it is withdrawing from the lies that you have been living up to now.
It is not renouncing the world, it is renouncing the lies that you have based your life upon.
The moment you withdraw yourself from the lies, they start falling, start dying, because they depend on you, they nourish themselves on you -- they cannot live without your support.
Withdraw your cooperation, and all lies disappear. And when all lies disappear, what is left is truth. Truth is your innermost nature.
Truth has not to be found anywhere else.
AES DHAMMO SANANTANO -- this is the ultimate law, the inexhaustible law, the ultimate truth, that it is within you.
You need not go anywhere. You can find it within yourself if you can fulfill only one condition: withdraw the lies in which you have invested so much -- withdraw from them. Renounce all that is untrue.
Misery is an indication of untruth.
Whenever some bliss happens, trust it, and go in that direction...and you will be moving towards God.
Bliss is his fragrance.
If you can follow bliss, you will never go astray.
If you follow bliss, you will be following nature.
And if you are natural, blissful, relaxed, wisdom arises.
Wisdom is a very relaxed state of being.
Wisdom is not knowledge, not information; wisdom is your inner being awake, alert, watchful, witnessing, full of light. Be full of light -- it is your birthright.
If you miss, you are a fool.
And you have missed many lives already -- this time, please, be a little more compassionate towards yourself.
Enough for today.


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