kaya & the other

courtesy Leena with Yogen's little help

Kaya & Leena
Hi everybody.
A new arrival.
A little boy was born- August 4th, 7:19 AM.
We had him at home.
It was amazing.
I caught him coming out.
Labor was just over 7 hours.
He came out weighing 8 lbs 2 oz.
Leena is doing great.
So is the baby.
Kaya is adjusting to the new addition, doing pretty good.
We haven't got a name for him yet.
It is funny how having a boy feels so different than having a girl.
I didn't think that it would matter that much to me if it was a boy or a girl.
But something else is called in me having this boy.
I am in love with them both, but it is different for each of them.
No more than the other, just different.
We have had a few nights with not much sleep, but a few solid nights sleep too.
So far he seems to be a good sleeper - thank god.
He has already gained a pound in 10 days.
So now this new change begins.
Yogen, Leena, Kaya, Baby Brother, and Sheeba