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LONG-DISTANCE ASTROLOGY SESSIONS WITH PREMBODHI recorded live from telephone onto cassette A long-distance astrology session with Prembodhi is meant for those who cannot meet him in person. It lasts about ninety minutes, it is structured like a regular live session, and is recorded onto cassette. It consists of an in-depth analysis of your Birth Chart (that is, of your talents and potentials) as well as of your Transits at present and in the coming years – and that is the exact timing of opportunities that life offers you. Since over twenty years Prembodhi practices an Astrology of Freedom and Choice. Planets do not reveal a ready-made destiny one must simply live through – rather, they are our life-teachers, travel companions, and counsellors. The specific themes of your session come from your actual living: your work, your relationships, your deep aspirations, your journey, your health, your dreams – but also your search for meaning and Self-realization. No previous knowledge of Astrology is required. Prembodhi matches an impeccable academic background with a great competence as a counsellor, an intense training in Experiential Astrology and Astro-psychosomatics, and a long experience as a meditator and spiritual seeker. For info and booking write or phone: 0041 - 79 348 5476 0039 - 348 781 3263

Prembodhi (Mario Montano, PhD). Born in Italy, has studied and taught at several American universities prior to joining the Poona Ashram as a resident in 1975. There he was personally encouraged by Osho to became the initiator of ‘Intuitive Tarot’ and ‘Intuitive Astrology’ He is the author of IL TAROCCO INTUITIVO, SPIEGEL DES LEBENS, INTUITION ET INCOSCIENT and THE MASTER TAROT. He has also been the Director of the CENTER FOR INTUITIVE ARTS in Munich, Germany, and has taught PSYCHOSOMATIC ASTROLOGY at the ACCADEMIA DI MEDICINA OLISTICA, Milan, Italy. Presently he moves between Arya Vihar, a small ashram on the Indian Himalayas, and several therapy and meditation Centers in Europe.

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