It will always be baba time.  I here by proclaim it so.  As it always has been.  You know what it mean.  The special times to partake with another soul a tantric moment of spiritual union.  Baba yoga time.  To melt and merge with another soul.  Be it woman or man.  As those special times that you and I have experienced together.  Be it with a bottle of the finest cognac or enjoying your art work and speaking of other realities of light and color.  Just how to explain it?  It's a time without judgment of ourselves and others.  Shall we call it communing?  Communing within and form the depth of our soul?

A very human moment and yet cosmic.  

Baba time experienced with an eastern Baba is always to remembered as one of highest and union.  An Indian who shares of himself and ask for nothing is a very humble experience in deed, as you and I have and the fortune to experience.  Be it from a Saddu in the mountains, a Shiva Baba on the banks of a river, or the silent look from the Bhagwan Osho.

It's those very special moments that we don't want to forget, and there is no need to.  They are forever with us, omnipotent and omnipresent.

Always is love.

Narayana Rick Weil
aka Malibu