Hi Krishna,
I read the letter of Kushad on the premature death of her beloved on your website. Shocking. She writes that she wonders why he could have had a heart attack at his age, since he was taking care of his body so well. My beloved Astiko is a naturopath in his own practice since 20 years and I have now also recently passed the naturopath’s exam. I find it a pity that we Sannyasins in general know so little about the human body and its functioning and biological medicine. Specially now that we are all getting older and the health industry being a multi-billion-dollar industry. With so much money involved, it is better not to trust many physicians and most pharmaceutic companies, as many of them are more interested in their own profit than in the health of their patients.
For heart attack, for example, there is another risk factor which is not talked about much by physicians or the media. Maybe because the remedy and prophylaxis is so cheap and easy, nobody can make much profit with it. I just read again in a biological medical journal that latest studies show that nowadays about 50% of all heart attacks are due to an excess level of homocystein in the blood (normal less than 10 micromol/l, can be checked in any lab). Homocystein is a normal intermediary product in metabolism. Normally it gets recycled into the amino acid Methionin. However, for this recycling, the vitamins folic acid and B6 and B12 are needed. If a person does not have enough of those Vitamins, homocystein does not get recycled, stays in the blood and harms the blood vessels which can then lead to a heart attack. Since nowadays the soils of the earth are pretty depleted of nutrients through modern agriculture (pesticides, etc.), the vegetables and cereals we eat carry only a fraction of the vitamins and minerals they used to have. So anybody can have not enough folic acid, B6 and B12 in the body. For this, there is a simple and cheap prophylaxis and remedy: take extra folic acid, B6 and B12! In German pharmacies, there is one cheap product, it is called “FolPlus” made by the company “SteriPharm” and costs only a few Euros. Studies have shown that only one pill per day for 6 weeks significantly lowers the level of homocystein in the blood.
One exception: If Vitamin B12 is taken orally, the glands in the stomach have to be functioning, as they normally produce the so-called “intrinsic factor” which is needed to absorb Vit. B12 in the small intestines. So if the glands in somebody’s stomach are not working properly, Vit. B12 has to be injected so that the intrinsic factor is not needed for absorption.

Love, Khabira

Osho on the meaning of the name Khabira:

Khabira. It is a sufi name, a name of God. Literally it means: one who sees all, the cognizant one, the seer of all. And that is hidden in everybody -- the witness. What we see may be true, may not be true, but the seer is always true. The seen may be, may not be. In the night you see a dream, in the morning you find it was not true, but the one who saw the dream is still true. In the morning, in the night, all the time he is true. You see a rope and you think, in the darkness of the evening, that it is a snake.
But when you come close you know that it is false, it is not so. But the seer was not false.
Even in seeing something hallucinatory, the seer remains true; the seer is never false.
'Khabira' means: the one who sees, the witness inside.
Sufis have beautiful names for God; in all they have ninety-nine names for God. One wonders why not one hundred? It looks so incomplete. For a certain, subtle reason, the hundredth name has been kept silent. That is the true name of God which cannot be uttered. The tao that can be uttered is not the true tao and the God that can be spoken of is not the true God, because the word 'God' falsifies the reality of God. So the hundredth name is the true name -- what Hindus call 'satnam', the true name -- but it can't be uttered. It will lose its beauty if it is uttered. It remains unuttered, at the deepest core of the heart.
But ninety-nine names can be uttered just as a help to reach the hundredth. The hundredth name is almost a nothingness -- what buddhas have called 'nirvana', nothingness.
So I call these the ninety-nine names of nothingness; one of them is 'khabira'.
Get into the idea of it and become more and more of a seer. Change the gestalt from the seen to the seer. Looking at the tree, remember the one who is looking; eating, remember the one who is eating; walking, remember the one who is walking. Rather than emphasising the outer, emphasise the inner, and slowly slowly it becomes clear who this seen is.
That is our true reality and that is what God is.