Jayesh & Mukesh
survive Mumbay massacre

Jayesh &  Mukesh after the terrorist attack in Mumbay

Jayesh of the Osho Foundation spent 2 days in a bathtub at the Oberoi Hotel eating only peanuts from his minibar... he said it is great to be alive but he will not be able to eat peanuts for the rest of his life.
Mukesh is also fine

From the news:

Former Edmontonian Michael O'Byrne, one of the late Judge Michael O'Byrne and his wife Eileen's 11 children (Eileen now lives in Victoria), is counting multiple blessings.

Many years ago, Michael left Edmonton to follow the late Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (also known as Osho). Today, with his brother D'Arcy, he runs the thriving Osho program and publishing house in India.

Michael had just left the restaurant of Mumbai's Oboroi Hotel in India on Wednesday to return to his room when terrorists attacked the restaurant.

Almost everybody in the dining room was killed.

According to a family member's report, Michael then heard the hotel fire alarm.

People started walking down from the 17th floor. The elevator was locked.

Michael, fresh off knee surgery, couldn't take the stairs. He returned to his room.

The fire alarm was thought to be set off by the terrorists. They shot hotel guests as they appeared in the stairwell.

The terrorists ended up on Michael's floor, stayed there for hours.Again, luck intervened. They did not burst into his room.

The hotel contacted O'Byrne before the phone went dead, advising him to stay in his room, stay in the safest place, the bathtub.

And so he waited, some 50 to 60 hours through smoke and drifting gunpowder residue until Indian special forces rescued him and other surviving guests.

"We are all so blessed and happy that Michael made it outside," says his last remaining brother in Edmonton, lawyer and businessman Casey O'Byrne.