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" A few words on the POETRY that I do within the context of what art is for me. "

I am basically a sculptor. Or am I a mime artist? Or can I call myself a draftsman. Or a jeweller. Or a musician...

Basically what I am saying is that as soon as one starts to move around within the bowels of any form of art all the other forms of art open their feathers to you and begin to reveal their secrets.

As we move in to art we move in to a world that is far from logic as we know it.

All WE know is what can be defined.

THAT has to do with the basic law of knowing.

Art deals with everything that moves in realms that exist beyond the boundaries of knowledge and definition. Art does NOT define, it delineates.

Everything that we see of everything, including humans is the proverbial tip of the iceberg, meaning that what we see is what our perceptions allow us to see + what the OTHER ALLOWS US TO SEE + WHAT WE ARE ALLOWED TO SEE TO OURSELVES by means of the tools that we have at our disposal as delineated by our own individual and personal communications kit.

The artist works with shape, colour, audio and spatial volume, rhythm , texture , density , proportion..... ALL of these terms start to be introspective in nature as soon as the artist begins to move around within the realm of the indefinable.

Artists swim in air, breathe water, speak in riddles and basically appeal to the side of the self that cannot be herded into any specified enclosure. We are not rebels, we are freedom fighters ! The difference is subtle but radical.

A rebel can only exist if there is something to rebel AGAINST.

A freedom fighter is NOT concerned with enemies. A freedom fighter is solely concerned with freedom, the same way a drowning individual is NOT fighting water but working HARD to keep inflow of air pumping in to ones lungs.

As soon as thought formalizes itself , oxidation begins to set in.

That is why the role of the artist is so important to ALL societies. That is why art CANNOT be institutionalised and still maintain its import of delivery. That is why art will ALWAYS be on the periphery of religion and politics but will NEVER allow itself to be cornered completely within any socio-economic mould.

Of course there will always be sub-movement that will strive to mouthpiece powers that are... but the powers that be are usually the same powers that want to crystallize society into an amorphous mass of same styled thinkers.

The means at the disposal of any artist are those that I mentioned earlier, namely shape, colour, audio and spatial volume, rithim, texture, density, proportion....; material. The artist works within the interweaving of conscious and unconscious patterns that flow to the inner self of the artist, as well as the self-manifest of the audience as-audience.

The human as a species is a potently growing entity. It depends on the constant lubricating forces that the arts offer to renew our eyes to the world.

As artist I see myself as an individual, but I also see myself as a contemporary extension of the human species.

What is happening to "mankind" is happening to me the same way that what is happening to me is happening to "mankind".

My writings exemplify what I am talking about. Some of the poems are undoubtedly me myself and me, many of the writings are more on a level of shared experience. The medium is the word, but word has colour, texture, volume, rithim, density, weight..... and any other tools of perception that we will and can hook in to, the same way a painter or a sculptor or a dancer or musician will work.

Art has to do with bypassing specific meanings in this world so as to acknowledge the other part of ourselves that is usually left out in the cold to fend for itself.

We need to bypass knowledge and sometimes logic to move beyond conclusion, better still, to move beyond pre-conceived conclusion.

Poetry has to do in words that which cannot be said in words.

It moves by association. It creates by allusion. It moulds by shifts of weight and carves surfaces with acid and caress.

It launches feelings in to the stratosphere with the devastation of a flamethrower or the love of a child's helium balloon. It is (in my case) a man's incontestable assertion to attest the reality of his existence.

I am therefore I can share.

I am therefore I am shared. As I am I experience. As I experience I mirror. Not necessarily THE truth but a PERSONAL reality which is as close as anybody here will come to knowing about truth.

Truth + logic + feasibility are not items that within our human context mix well, a bit like combining water with oil.

We are searching for a moment we can call home. Home is not necessarily a place. Home is more a reflection of some inner situation equated to specific moments in time, moments that took place here and there, sometimes in the company of others and sometimes alone: It is through the eyes of these moments that a specific clarity is achieved, a sort of X ray vision that allows for a writing that needs to depart from the linearity of language to impart and share of its vision.

Poetry is an appeal to bypass the mind and its filters, it is a way to connect with other humans in ways more intimate than our usual limited interactions can hope to achieve.

The poet will step out on to the tightrope equipped only with honesty as a balance crossbar and a well honed self made focusing device that's put to the service of finding ones true inner NORTH.

Indivar Dell Bilenko
Indivar Dell Bilenko

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Indivar Dell  Bilenko