The pure awareness is beyond time and space both. This is the beginning of true life, a life that is eternal, a life that knows no death. The first birth is not true birth because it will come to an end. It is bound to be followed by death. How can one call it a birth? It implies death. It is not the beginning of life, in fact it is the beginning of death. The moment a child is born he starts dying; when he is one day old it means he has died one day. If he is going to live seventy years now there is one day less. Every day life will be running out of his hands. Each birthday will be really a death day.


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Kalakeli & Devi

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Mega, Devi & Urban Sajid

Sarthi & Yashodara

In fact, death does not come one day suddenly; it starts the day you are born. You start dying from the very first breath. Each birthday is a deathday. Your life is slipping out of your hands and you cannot escape.


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