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Aragno first, Sahaas is the second one talking after the girl.

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Sw Jivan Saahas

A personality searching for truth is the same as the police doing an investigation on the level of corruption in the police force.

Dolano is interesting: a hybrid, sanyas meets advaita
It seems that most sannyasins hit a ceiling, and its a bit like this: "osho said osho said osho said osho said osho said osho said..."
Isn't the mind brilliant, walking around refusing to take the umbrella down being pissed about not feeling the rain?
fuck the sunshine, what about the poor pouring rain?
Its ok looking for awesome ok ness ...
What about the awesome not ok ness?
The beauty in misery?
The love in hate?
God don't give a fuck?
The worms are gonna fucking eat me?
Is that God?
Maybe its his last little joke ...
So ya think your the body?
Well fuck you then!
Get eaten by worms!!!
Am l my mind,??
Of course not!
l just think l am, even if l think l am ime still not, so what is the fucking point of... what ime not ... my mind ... trying to find out what l am?
On day ime going to be totaly in this moment?
Never been anywhere else!
But my mind is so fucking used to thinking its me.
What to do?
Nothing .....

see ya soon Krish love to meera and yerself

... is there life before death????????????

There is nothing you can do so you must be patient and hope that enlightenment, which doesn't exist, and never happened to me, happens for you, but don't wait because it has already happened, though it doesn't exist.

I will be giving limited admission darshan in Amsterdam.
Fee is 200 gilder.
My ego will be on display if I can find a big enough room.

Sw. Saahas
check his friend Swami Eric :: stay tuned - more to come
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