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the osho copyright sequel
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After having reached an agreement on the copyright of osho's word,
the different parties deepened the contract a little more ...

the last contract
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Beloved all, tonight I went to see a movie: HOLY SMOKE directed by Jane Campion and actors: Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel.
Now what I see make me very sad and mad at the same time... Our beloved Master is mixed with Reverend Moon and Manson (satanic set who killed S. Tate in 1970)and others... pieces of Osho videos coming from Oregon and Puna One are in the movie and are well manipulated ... The movie is done by Universal Picture and distribuited in this country by cecchi gori production.
Now, we all,are fighting in Court and outside of Court to see if is correct or incorrect to have the name,the material of Osho copyrighted or not...
Just think for a second: if all was protected by a copyright first Universal Picture to show Osho videos should have asked for permission... second if no permission was asked we ,all, can have all this shits stopped in less than a day... So, I really belive we should think on what we,all,from one side and the other are doing and what is really correct...
From my side,one think is for sure: I'm doing business with Universal Picture and I personally know the President and he will get a letter of protest very very shortly! More I certainlly cannot do! Please think again on what we are doing,please really from both side evaluate if a copyright is really needed,please put on a side any personal power trips or egos and really try to do the best we can possibly do in order to protect the name and the work of our Beloved Master... is not nice at all to see Him mixed up with all the shits that this world generated! with all my love.

Deva Bandhu

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"That's what sannyas is all about. Sannyas is going to undo all that the society has done. It is not just accidental that priests are against me, politicians are against me, parents are against me, the whole establishment is against me*; it is not accidental. I can understand the absolutely clear logic of it. I am trying to undo what they have done. I am sabotaging the whole pattern of this slave society. My effort is to create rebels, and the beginning of the rebel is to trust in oneself. If I can help you to trust in yourself, I have helped you. Nothing else is needed, everything else follows of its own accord."

Osho on copyrights

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