Osho: test your enilgtenment with Mulla Nasirudin device

Please answer the following questions honestly before sending your satsang website to the Enlightenment Page, you will have to do this test before you are admitted to it.

If you are trying to deceive, you are only deceiving yourself.

1. When you fall asleep, you never fall asleep totally.
There is a part of you that never falls asleep.
If so, score 1 point.
If when you fall asleep you become completely asleep and your consciousness disappears until you wake up or dream, score 0.

2. Go out in the street. If all you see is sleeping people, moving mechanically, and dreaming while they walk, and this happens permanently, score 1.
If you only see normal people, going about their business, score 0.

3. Follow your breath for 2 hours (what about one minute?).
If you did this effortlessly, without missing one breath,
score 1 point, you probably are enlightened.
If you are not enlightened, you are about to be, so don't despair.
If you missed it even for 1 second, score 0

4. Get out on the street and walk for 1 kilometer,
being conscious of every step you make.
If you did this effortlessly, without missing a single step,
for over 1 kilometer (what about 20 meters?), score 1.
If you missed even one step, score 0

5. Your mind doesn't control you, you control the mind.
You can stop and start your mind whenever you like.
Do this little test: if you can live for 24 hours (what about one minute?),
without thinking a single thought, score 1.
But please don't stop before the 24 hours are over.
If you think a single thought before the 24 hours are over, score 0.

6. You haven't the 'need' to have sex, you haven't been sexually aroused, you haven't had an erection (in case you are a man, and you haven't been impotent before) ever since the moment of your enlightenment.
Do this little test: rent a couple of video-cassettes
and watch porno films for 10 hours.
If, when the 10 hours (what about 5 minutes?)are over, you haven't felt aroused
not even for one moment, score 1.
If not score 0.
And a second test: get undressed and hug a naked beautiful lady (or man, other than your husband/wife) for 2 hours (what about 2 minutes?).
If you don't feel sexually aroused, not even for one moment, score another point.
If you feel desire and wanting score 0.
You need 2 points as a maximum score to this question.

7. If you are afraid of death, or if you are afraid of anything, spiders, losing your job, falling off a cliff, etc. score 0 to this question.
Do a little test: go to the edge of a tall building and look down.
If you sense fear, score 0 to this question.
If you aren't afraid of anything, not even death, and you don't suffer from any mental illnesses, score 1.

8. Try to remember something from your previous life.
If you don't succeed, score 0.
If you remember your
past life in detail, score 1.