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2013 Shadu Baba
Sw. Saraswati Bharti
from Manali

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And this dimension has to evolve in all your ordinary life situations.
Whatsoever you do, you can do in three ways: objectively, that is the scientific way, the Western way; or, subjectively, that is the Eastern way, or, the religious way, the transcendental way, in which East and West meet and dissolve.
The religious way is neither Eastern nor Western.
The West is scientific, the East is poetic; the West thinks in terms of history, the East thinks in terms of myths, PURANAS; the West is more concerned about what reality is, the East is more concerned about the fantasy about the reality, the dream about the reality; the West is more concerned with the conscious mind, the East is more concerned with the unconscious mind.
But religion is beyond both.
Religion is of the super-conscious mind, the transcendental mind -- it is neither Eastern nor Western.
Just as man and woman meet, so East and West meet.
West is more male, East is more female; West is more will, East is more surrender.
But religion is both, and beyond.


This is what I am doing here.
I am hammering you to make you to go beyond the objective and beyond the subjective.
I am not telling you to make subjective and objective meet inside you, because that meeting will not be able to bring the higher into existence.
You have to go beyond.
The humanity of the future has to go beyond East and West; both have been only half, both have been lop-sided.
I am neither for East nor for West, I am for a total world, a world that is whole.


Sw. Bharti and Sw. Bhirti

Swami Saraswati Bharti,
Swami Bom Bom & Swami Bambuléé
preparing themself for the
Sommer USA - European - Satzang Tour

with their Staff:

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