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Hi Krishna, Yashu died last night in India, she had cancer, and the chemo was too heavy for her, don-t know more yet, Hari is on his way to get the visa to go and help Kavyo with the things.

Big kiss Nartan


These are real difficult moments for all of us, I speak on behalf of his family in Barcelona who, although there's so much distance between us, wants to be very close to Kavyo, Hari and everybody else who had the chance of knowing and loving her and are now crying her loss. These are real difficult moments for us because, although we will always have her music to listen, her photos to look at and her words to recall, we will not have her presence, voice and straight forward touch and criteria when most needed. These are real difficult moments for us because, unfortunately, we are taught to live, but not to die. Yashu, you will always be with us, because your body has left, but your soul will never, ever, leave us. Yashu forever!!!

Alicia Segura Matutano
On behalf of Ma Geeta


I was so honored to receive Nartan's email about Yashu continuing her journey. My Yashu story is that though I never met her in person, for years the sound of her flute would comfort me, especially when I was missing the energy, the madness, and the sweeter moments that was the Ranch to me. For years I would play one of the cassette music anthologies of the music that was Rajneeshpuram, but I did not know that the sound of the flute on some of those pieces was that of Yashu. Then one day as I was listening to a new cable music service, I heard "that sound" that was so familiar and I discovered that it was Yashu's The sound of her flute will forever remind me of the sweeter momemts of the first summer festival at the Ranch and the morning darshan music that was this glorious mix of instruments and genres and remind me of that time that I was fortunate to be in Osho's presence thank you Yashu for helping me keep that memory alive for all these years, especially in those lonley times when I would miss the dream of community and spirit that I was able to catch a glimpse of

Andrea from Portland, Oregon
Ma Pratibha Bhola


"That one song, "Questions & Answers" made her eternal, forever. How many times here in New York we heard her and thought "oh wow! Yashu!!" I remember one particular day at Osho Padma Meditation Center, after a 45 minutes No-Mind, Priya played Yashu while we were sitting in silence. How easily this mind can travel on her flute onto the shores of silence!! It is so... Lots of hugs, kisses and farewell to Yashu. May she enthralls the heavenly bodies now with her magic flute.



We were deeply saddened to hear the news about Yashu. A great woman and musician. Our thoughts are with her right now ,listening to her music.Like an angel playing. She will have some more to play where she is now.

With our deepest sympathy, Katha & Advait.


Beloved Bliss Splendour I love you Bon Voyage dear dear dear Yashu. Have a wonderful journey home and rest rest rest in peace.

Our friendship began when our pregnant bellies met at Zen wall in 1978 in Pune. You generously invited us to stay with you at Tadiwala Road and then we became neighbours again at Ghopuri Gow. We had our babies 3 weeks apart where having babies were not the thing to do then in Pune!

Our babies are grown and they are gorgeous. Little Kavyo has babies of her own now. Wow!

Yashu, you have one of the most generous heart and a rebellious spirit that i so cherish. I am so glad you got the opportunity to play music for Osho cos that was your deepest longing. For me, you are the best flute player. I often said no one could play like you as you pour your whole being into it.

You are the female Krishna with the flute seducing us all into silence and meditation effortlessly. Thank you Yashu my dear friend. You are an important part of a very special time in my life.

Am remembering very fondly your learning Hindi and English at the same time. You used to mix up the words "angry" and "hungry". We both used to have such a good laugh about this. Oh! your tomato salad was the best. Those were the only time i would eat tomatoes in the raw. You taught me how to wear the indian sari which i wore to take sannyas to meet face to face with our darling Master Osho for the first time.

I miss you dearly and grateful that the fragrance of who you are lives on in all the beautiful music with Harida and other musicians.

I am so happy we saw each other again when you were in Seattle for a performance just few years ago. The piece in the album "Silence Silence" which would bring on oceanful of tears for me is "Paradise". It is my favourite and Yashu, may you rest in peace in Paradise. I feel you so deeply in this piece. You have given us much in the many ways that you are. A true warrior!

Geeta, Harida and Kavyo and kids, i hold all of you tightly during this time of great loss. Yashu is a rare flower.

Kavyo here is my email for contact anutoshf@gmail.com when time and space allows. I love you too. Mama Yashu is your angel now. I just know this.

Namaste & many kisses & tears & laughter remembering Yashu with her unique flavour


I received Nartan's email yesterday.. & now I am sending my love out to all the family, friends & beloveds of Yashu & especially to my friends Nartan, Hari & especially Kavyo.
it's so hard to loose such a unique person, special mother & fellow traveler all at the same time.
My tears & blessings went out to Yashu sending her on her way & thanking her for blessing my life with her laughter, her courage & her amazing beyond this world flute playing.
We will always have her with us -
- her spirit, allowing us to disappear into the soundless sound of her flute.
Fly high Yashu, Fly high..

love love & more love, Sukhi


I sense a feeling of freedom, a touch of celebration and the sound of your laughter as you wonder through the eternal journey of the soul. Yashu, my beloved friend, sister, family and everything one can be; I want to thank you for being so present in my life, and for taking care so beautifully of our grand-daughter all those years, and for just being the beautiful being you have always been. Now you are free, and probably laughing at all of us because we, in our ignorance, are crying your departure, when on the other side, the eternal has open its door to you, giving reason only for celebration. Forgive our tears. Love is eternal, and in this love your presence will be vivid in all of us.



Queridos Kavio, Harida y niños, no se por donde empezar... Tadiwala road fue seguramente el inicio en innumerables momentos de simple juego y amistad, conoci la musica tuya y de Hari mesclada a las risas y el llanto de Kavito la mas preciosa gema que crearon. La noticia me llega al dia siguiente de mi 54 cumpleños, tu partes denuevo en un viaje interminable desde donde ya no regresaras, no importa te encontraré en todas partes.

Gracias Yashu. Namaste
Sw Deva Julian - Ma Shunyam Julie


we got to know each other back at the castle in new jersey in the early 80's. her daughter was the only child there and she and yashu were a constant source of sunshine. much love to both of them on their respective journeys.



Its beautifull to read how courages and beautifull Yashu left the body.All though I am so far away in all ways, all is still very close. Big hug Yashu, Nartan



Júlia Estimada Yashu,

Quan ma mare em va comunicar la notícia em vaig quedar de pedra. Tots sabiem que estaves malalta, però ningú s´esperava aquest trist final. Ja no es pot fer res, simplement ho hem d acceptar.

Per a mi has sigut la tieta més cachonda que mai he tingut, la que sempre estava animada i al mateix temps animava als altres. Els últims cinc anys t´he vist poc, ja que hem viscut en llocs diferents. Quan la Geeta em comunicava que vindries per uns dies a Barcelona vaig voler aprofitar les oportunitats. Volia veure´t i fer la xerradeta encara que fós una tarda. Encara que hagin sigut breus moments, m´ha quedat un molt bon record.

El teu riure i el teu humor tant característic i simpàtic se´m quedarà gravat tota la vida.

Quan penso amb el teu " que huevón" sento la teva veu.

Gràcies per haver sigut la meva tieta. Encara que vulgués no t´oblidaré mai.

Mil petons

Amb Amor, Júlia


Querida Yashu,

Cuando mi madre me comunicó la notícia me quedé de piedra. Todos sabíamos que estabas enferma, pero nadie se esperaba este triste fin. Ya no se puede hacer nada, simplemente lo tenemos que aceptar.

Has sido la tia más cachonda que nunca he tenido, la que siempre estaba animada y al mismo tiempo animaba a los otros. En los últimos cinco anos te he visto poco, ya que hemos vivido en lugares distintos. Cuando Geeta me comunicaba que vendrías por unos dias en Barcelona , quise aprovechar las oportunidades. Quería verte y charlar un rato, aunque solo fueran algunas tardes. Aunque hayan sido breves momentos, me ha quedado un muy buen recuerdo.

Tu risa y tu humor tan característico y simpático me quedará gravado toda la vida. Cuando pienso en tu "que huevón" oigo tu voz.

Gracias por haber sido mi tia. Aunque quisiera, no te olbidaré nunca

Un millón de besos

Con amor, Júlia


Dear Yashu,

When my mother told me the bad new I couldn't realize it. All of us knew that you were ill, but nobody expected this end. Nobody is able to do anything against it. We have to accept it.

You have been the coolest aunt that I have ever had.. You were always happy and you brought always happiness to the others. In the last five years, I haven't seen you so much, because of the distance. When Geeta told me that you were going to come to Barcelona , I didn't want to loose those opportunities. I wanted to see and talk with you. Although were short times I have good memories.

I'm not going to forget your laugh and your characteristic and friendly mood. When I remember about your "que huevón" I can hear your voice.

Thanks for being my aunt. Even if I would, I'm not going to forget you

Thousand of kisses

With Love Júlia


Liebe Yashu,

Als meine Mutter die traurige Nachricht mich erzählt hatte, war ich bebegüngsunfähig. Alle von uns wüssten, dass du krank warst, aber niemand hatte dieses Ende erwartet. Jetzt man kann gar nichts mehr machen, leider müssen wir es akzeptieren.

Du bist die geilste Tante gewesen, die ich nie gehabt habe, du warst immer fröhlich und gleichfalls hast du immer den anderen animiert. In den letzten fünf Jahren, habe ich dich leider nicht so oft gesehen, weil wir in verschiedene Orte gewohnt haben. Als Geeta mich erzählt hatte, dass du nach Barcelona kommen würdest., wollte ich die Gelegenheiten ausnützen. Ich wollte dich sehen und mit dir quatschen, obwohl nur ein paar Abend waren. Obwohl kurze Momenten waren, habe ich eine schöne Erinnerung gehabt.

Dein Lachen und deine charachteristische und sympathische Laune werde ich nie vergessen. Wenn ich an dein "que huevón " denke, höre ich deine Stimme.

Danke um meine Tante gewesen zu sein. Obwohl ich wollte, werde ich dir nie vergessen.

Eine Million von küssen

Mit Liebe, Júlia


Me he quedado muy tocado de la repentina marcha de Yashu y me consta que como yo muchos de sus amigos.
Sólo quiero dejar constancia del inmenso amor, alegría y grandes momentos que ha compartido y ha dejado con todos nosotros, también de comunicación silenciosa y de tremenda plenitud a través de su don con la música y de su generoso y profundo sentido de la amistad.
Estoy encantado y feliz por haberte conocido y la suerte de compartir esta parte del trayecto.
Sabes que no te olvidaremos! Bon Voyage!


I have being deeply touched by the sudden departure of Yashu and I know this is extensive for most of our friends here in Spain and around the world.
I just want to acknowledge the immense love, joy and the great moments that she has shared and left with us as jewels of love and meditation.
We love you Yashu!








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