Remember, only that which you can take with you when you leave the body is important. That means, except meditation, nothing is important.
Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness cannot be taken away by death. Everything else will be snatched away, because everything else comes from without.

Only awareness wells up within. That cannot be taken away. And the shadows of awareness - compassion, love - they cannot be taken away. They are intrinsic parts of awareness. You will be taking with you only whatsoever awareness you have attained. That is your only real wealth.


Cari Amici,

vogliamo farvi sapere che Sudha ha lasciato il corpo oggi 9 luglio alle 4 del mattino.
Negli ultimi istanti era rilassata e in totale accettazione.
Le sue ceneri, in accordo con le sue volontà, saranno portate a Miasto, dove sabato 19 luglio alle ore 17.30 avverrà una celebrazione a cui siete tutti invitati e benvenuti.

Dalle 18 alle 22 di stasera e dalle 8 alle 20 di domani 10 luglio è possibile renderle un saluto in via Rinaldo 9, a Villafranca di Verona.

Tanto Amore
Dallo staff di Osho Miasto

Beloved Friends

We want to let you know that Sudha has left the body today July 9th at 4 am.
In her last moments she was relaxed and in total acceptance.
Her ashes, according with her wishes, will be brought to Miasto, where on Saturday 19th at 5.30 pm will be a celebration. You are all invited and welcome.

This evening from 6 pm to 10 pm and tomorrow from 8 am to 8 pm it is possible to see her at her house: via Rinaldo 9, Villafranca di Verona

Much Love
From Osho Miasto StaffDear Friends


Sudha left her body this night.
She was for a while scared and asked constantly: Help me.
Then Arpita realised that she needed help to leave and guided her out of her body , as soon as Arpita started to do that, she relaxed and within 6 or 10 minutes she left the body peacefully.

Then Arpita, Dasu and Brian sat with her for one hour and then Brian left to the airport and they took care of Sudha’s body. After 45 min. spontaneously a smile came on her face. Now Apperently she looks very very sweet and peaceful and beautiful. Let’s continue our prayers so she can have a peaceful passage.

Much love Rani


Just our being here is such a miracle.
It cannot be explained why I am here, why you are here.
Why these trees are here, why these stars are here.
Why at all this universe exists, and goes on peopling itself
with trees and birds and people.
Why in the first place it is there, there is no way to know.
It simply is there. But it inspires awe!
It fills the heart with wonder.
It is incredible!
It is absurd, but tremendously beautiful.



Ma Yoga Sudha

My Dears, This (Sunday) evening was a Celebration for Sudha..... celebrating her life and her leaving her body soon. The doctors have told her that she has about 2 weeks to live due to the spread of the pancreatic cancer to her liver. The Sannyas community of Miasto, which is just up the road from where Peter and I are this week in Tuscany, and a place where she has lead groups for 30 years has invited her to come and live there until she dies and today gave her a party. She has been living in Italy for many years. Peter lead the Miasto "band" for the music part of the hour celebration. Sudha said a few words that were very beautiful.... She said she love the words that she heard were Mataji's (Bhagwan's Mother) last: "OH! the body is leaving me" Sudha said that she has no regrets and that she is filled with gratitude and the word Thank you is way toooooo small for the overflowing gratefulness she feels to her whole life. For some yet unknown reason my camera was not acting right tonight and the photos are blurry. I am so sorry as these of Sudha are so beautiful! She looked radiant and had more energy than I expected as she says that she feels week and often in pain.


We visited her in her room before the celebration to ask if she had any requests.... she did not want ANY old, nostalgic songs. She wanted flowing and simple and she wanted something SALSA and on the spot from her bed taught us one "Oye como va, mi ritmo, ritmo pa gozar, mulatta." It means something like... "Listen how my rhythm goes, that I dance to..... and we did it for her and she sang with us from her chair.


I'd guess about 300 people came for her send off party and celebration of her from around Italy mostly. About 35 live at Miasto and it can house about 80 and hold 3 groups at a time.


She seemed to enjoy the whole loving tribute to her and loved that she was alive to be there.


Some sweet moments with Sudha this night


Waduda, now Laila is sitting next to her. I was singing with the band and in this moment she saw that I was taking photographs and gave me this sweet look.


We sang "Namaste" as the people entered


and an old song she likes where the men sing "La il la ha il Allah" and the women sing "Halelujah"

This email comes out of order, but I thought you would all appreciate hearing this news and seeing Sudha's radiance as soon as possible.

Love to you all



just a few words to share with all of You a little of Sudha's journey through this new challenge that our beloved friend and teacher is facing.
So many friends are calling and offering support and love, this is really touching, precious and nourishing.
Sudha is now undergoing chemotherapy.
Side effects have been strong in the beginning, better now.
She is taking good care of herself, her body and immune system are strong,
many friends are supporting in many different ways.
She is furnishing her house, because she would like to invite friends,
and she would also like to invite people who love meditation to come and meditate together.
We are organizing this, and we will email you again when we are ready.

Atyanand Lavanya


A letter from Ritu to the Caravanserai

Beloved friends,

I would like to share with you my experience of "A Death Celebration That Was Not Really a Death Celebration" that happened on May 25th, 2008 at Osho Miasto in Italy.

Ma Yoga Sudha, a dear friend of mine, was told two weeks ago by her doctors that they have done all they can and that she has maybe a few weeks left to live. She decided that she wanted a celebration that she could participate in. In synchronicity, Prasad and Leela phoned her and told her that they had this idea to have a celebration honoring life and death, both. And Osho Miasto was happy to host the event.

All day Sunday, Miasto was a meeting place of friends arriving from all corners of Italy, and some from other parts of the world as well.

After White Robe and a dinner- celebration for almost 300, we started lining up to go back to Miasto's Buddha Hall, not really knowing what to was it going to what state would we find her... because nobody had seen her yet. Excitement, nervousness, reverence in the air...

We entered the hall, and there she was sitting up on a small podium on a big, comfortable chair with Leela ( formally Waduda) next to her, whose hand Sudha keept reaching for; also facing us were Prasad (formally Wadud), Sudha's two caretakers,

Aneeta and Peter Makena (Anubhavo) and all the Miasto musicians leading us in singing together - Namaste! Everyone was immediately deeply touched- smiles and tears, waving, blowing kisses, touching their hearts and walking on to fill the hall until it was completely packed. Sudha was also smiling, directing the traffic with her hands, and trying to take it all in with deep breaths.

When Geeta came in (an old sannyasin friend from Holland) Sudha stood up and went down on the floor, touching her feet. Geeta then also went down to the floor, and they both then had to be helped to get up again!

At the end of the song Leela said that we are here to celebrate Sudha's life, and also her imminent leaving the body, which at this point made Sudha start to giggle, and then to laugh at the whole absurdity of the situation....and naturally the entire hall exploded into laughter!!

Then the musicians blasted us all with "Oye como va...mulatta!" a hot salsa beat by Carlos Santana that she had asked them to play.

Leela led us in a guided meditation to connect inside with our gratitude and love, and to then use our hands to shower it on Sudha, each other, and ourselves .

Sudha took the microphone and said , "...and I thought everybody hates me! " which of course made everybody laugh !

She shared that she did some work on herself these last months, and her therapist told her what Mataji (Osho's mother) is heard to have said when she was dying :"Oh! My body is leaving me...!"

She invited us to feel these words and to sense the consciousness that could say this so spontaneously and innocently, and she said she was hoping to have the same awareness when her moment came.

The whole evening was a huge energy event, a big heart space, full of our love, tears, laughter.

I was so relieved to see her alive and beautiful and still able to be funny and profound at the same time, as I have always known her.

The huge heart space transformed itself into the longest, strongest AUM that I was ever in. What else to do with all those feelings!! I could see that Sudha enjoyed this the most.

Then the Miasto people brought champagne and treats, and she left the hall supported by her two caretakers.

Today I was able to see her alone and told her about the letters I have received from many of you. She acknowledged the connection that she feels she has eternally with fellow travellers.

She is constantly on painkillers, weak, but very lucid and always inspiring to be small talk, only BIG talk! Well...and a bit about shopping for shoes as well! If you know Sudha, you understand...

She cannot make any plans, and I cannot make any plans with her.

To be with her now is a continuous reminder that there really is no future, only this present moment..

love Ritu

Sudha :

" I am not leaving the body - the body is leaving me."


Poetry in Death

Sudha is unique. She is the only person that I know who has been present at her own death celebration, I mean alive and present! Over 300 people were there in Osho Miasto on the 25th of May to participate in the passing from the body of someone who is one of the first Western disciples of Osho.

To be there in person at my own death celebration is not something I would have considered, until now. When I visited Sudha at her home in Verona shortly afterwards, she explained to me that she did not want to miss out and let the other people have all the fun at this celebration.

We have shared an equal amount of conflicts as we have shared good times and her honesty had been a guiding force in my life. It was Sudha`s example which inspired my impulse to take sannyas. I was aged 22 when we met and she was 27. We had a connection as a younger brother to an older sister. I found her to be wiser than any of the women I knew at the time

Years later, when we were leading groups together, she taught me how to lead the Enlightenment Intensive process, a way of gaining a direct seld experience. During my private farewell visit, I asked Sudha what had been the most important lesson that she had learned in life. After careful contemplation she answered " Not to be a believer, not even to believe in myself, because belief closes me. I think the mind mechanism that I have of believing, of being a believer, believing and trusting in what is not my own experience, has made me sometimes very stupid. So, I would say being a believer is one of the biggest obstacles in my own self enquiry "

She burst into song right afterwards, using the words from the Joni Mitchell song "Clouds". I joined in with the singing. She changed the refrain of this song to " I¥ve looked at death from both sides now, from up and own and still somehow, Its death`s illusions I recall, I really don`t know death at all" We joked about her statement " I am not leaving the body, the body is leaving me!" because, in fact, Sudha has lost weight. She still cares about her appearance and described to me how she will be dressed in for her cremation. This vanity and the love of shopping is something that we have always shared. Sudha was not sure about whether to be cremated wearing her mala. Again we joked about Tibetan lamas who leave behind their malas, false teeth and glasses in order that they can recognise them in their next life.

I aked about how she would like to be remembered. Her reply was " what makes you assume that I want to be remembered? She continued " If I have touched the lives of people, if that has made a difference in their consciousness, then that is what I would like to have remembered".

I cannot describe Sudha as slipping quietly into death. Though heavily medicated, she is fully alert and as involved in life as she can be. She told me that she would like o live long enough to see Obama become president. I wish, for her sake that this wish comes true. Sudha recommended that I read Obama`s speech on race. She even got out of bed to find a copy for me! Our conversation covered her wish to have an international hospice for conscious dying founded. It would be a place where meditators from all over the world could end their days in a more conscious way. We agreed that such a project would need the financing of someone like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. If Oprah or Bill would read this article it might make a difference to human consciousness.

I will remember Sudha, with love and gratitude for who she has been in my life.


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Sudha was giving a group called "The Art of Dying " here a small section of her teachings:

SUDHA in her group :
"Living life with totality"

"One of the reasons why we often fail to live our lives to the fullest is that mind is the illusion of time, of the past and future. We imagine that there is an infinite amount of time, and in this way we continue to postpone living. With the minds' tendency to postpone, we live in a trance-like state of mediocrity. Out of fear, we deny the evidence of our own mortality, and we close our eyes and ears to what is real and present in front of our eyes. We dream our life rather than live it.

The art of dying is the art of letting go and of living each moment that comes to us as if it were the last, here, now, immersed in it. When we realize the fleeting quality of this life, and that in fact death is the only real certainty, the dream of time is broken. To awaken to this truth takes us to a state of sharp, crystal clarity about what is essential in life and what isn't. When we are able to embrace this truth and allow the awareness of death to become our advisor, when there is no tomorrow, all fear dissolves.

We are then able to see our lives and its' dramas from a new perspective. "

Bowing down and 'fare-well' Sudha !

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