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Dear friends,

Ma Yoga Sudha was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer more than a year ago, and she left her body on July 9th in Italy.

As a tribute to Sudha i have published a 40 mins interview i had with her, about a month before she left her body, in her home in Verona. I'd like to share it with anyone that loved her. Please pass it on to any friend that might be interested.


Below is the link to the 40 mins video. It should take you to a black page with a Black and White pic. of Sudha. Click on it and then wait - as it is a large file - it might take a couple of mins. to load.


Love and Laughters!


Beloved Sudha,You made me laugh and you made an impression on my Soul. I have carried your energy from Poona, to the ranch, and beyond. We are always connected.

Love and Light,
Ma Dhyan Sonam


Beloved sangha,

just received and viewed Sudha's announcement and farewell celebration.
I laughed and cried all the way through, uncontrollably, like a baby.
So touched, so filled with gratitude at the wonder of it all and the blessing of our time with Osho and of the incredible commune-sangha connection that apparently transcends time and space, careers, new life paths and right on into "older age", the mystery, the myth and the ever present present.

(aka Arpana Jayo, Corvallis, Oregon)


Body and mind dropped away beyond pain and fear !
Eternal Bliss !
deathless, pathless, perfectly beyond !

I am very blessed to have my mentor Ma Yoga Sudha ; waiting for me at the gate -less- gate !

Her ashes, according with her wishes, will be brought to Miasto, where on Saturday 19th at 5.30 pm will be a celebration. You are all invited and welcome.

This evening from 6 pm to 10 pm and tomorrow from 8 am to 8 pm it is possible to see her at her house: via Rinaldo 9, Villafranca di Veronagratitute . Flowers for you .

Thanks for transforming my life !!! Anurag Katha.


Sono Sw. Deva Tarpana di Montreal. www.petronzio-sculpture.com Tino Petronzio. Ho avuto il grande piacere di fare certi gruppi con Sudha qui a Montreal. Ho recevuto questa notizia della sua condizione. Mi piacerebbe mandare i miei distinti saluti a Lei con tnto amore e tante grazie per avere avuto l'onore di conocerla. Se ci sono altri modi connettere con lei fatemi sapere?

Deva Tarpana


hi vimmy
i want to let you know that Sudha is at her last 1 or 2 weeks of live, so she stopped now all chimio etc.. and miasto has invited her to come here and be in the commune for her last days...that is a very beautiful offer .... and at the moment wadud and waduda are here running groups and have offered sudha to have a farewell celebration for her while she is still in the body...she has accepted and she is coming here to miasto tomorro, and sunday night we will have a meditation-farewell for her and many people will come... i think is going to be very touching and strong and beautiful.. also anita and anubhavo are around in toscany and will come for that.... we all fell very touched and i am thankfull for this opportunity to see her again and maybe be around her for few days if she fells like being with friends... there is an energy gathering around this event that fells so much like our old Osho 's days...

death start to fell very "normal" these days... ...the last Gran Finale that every opera must have the crescendo and the final act some go alone, like deepesh, some go accompanied..

but the script is a surprise! and we will all have it...

I wanted to let you know about Sudha...you also loved her.. Now i fell like sending this letter to other freinds as well..

bye vimmie
with love


Dear Krishna,
I've got received a mail about Sudha.
I would like to have her E-mail address.

Love from Chandana


View Here :: The great celebration in Miasto for Sudha before she died

love Muni


View Here :: The great celebration in Miasto for Sudha after she died

love Muni


Beautiful....especially the dancing photo's of Sudha .So touching to see her that happy in ecstasy ...great !

Fare Well Beloved Sudha ...WE LOVE YOU FOREVER !

By the way you know that Osho gave her the name
MA YOGA SUDHA, "elixir of union"- the deathless !

Big hug to you all from Advait & Katha
and thanks for the photo's and display
Muni & Krish nice job - well done !!!

Lots of Love Katha


Did a group with you Darlin'.
In the seventies. Always remember you.
Loads and loads of love.

Swami Prem Arpana


She sat up in her bed to greet us as we were allowed into her bedroom before the party. She seemed to suddenly come alive when we came in. What a beautiful face! and so good to see her!

Sudha's celebration at Miasto, Italy. Love, Johan


love Sudha,
thank you so much,being one with you when we traveled.
hand in hand ,sharing the moment japan Thailand Poona .........
thank you so much for holding me crying in your arms thank you so much ,for showing me the way ...the way of the spirit ... being the spirit thank you so much for saving my life .... and calling me back into live i feel grate full and blessed to be with you.

advait benjamin


Did several groups with Sudha in Pune and since then she has been always with me.
It was a shock for me to hear the news of her cancer.
My connection with her will always stay.

Lots of love for you,


I am touched by Sudhas beauty and her gratefulness.
The time for the final let go is getting closer for all of us.
It's very sobering.

Much love, Kurt


Sudha is one of my most important teacher on my spiritual path and I thank her for that and that I never forget her and my heart is full of gratitude for what she taught me and gave me on my Path.

Thank you.
(Ma Yoga Arunima)


nice to see beautiful and gracious acceptance of reality with love and gratitude

with love
tarun jain



*You?ll go*
*where we will all go*
*without exception!*
*what a comforting thought*
*what a joy to see your smile*
*what a celebration to have*
*farewell -- until we?ll meet again*
*much Loved woman*
*Light-ness from*



Love to you Sudha *^*

Thank you!!



Beloved Sudha,

you are a star!!!
Look at you,
how blissful,
letting go,
the oneness

We love you.
We meet again!

I love you so much!
Raji in Cologne


Beloved Sudha,

I think itīs a pity that you are going.
Or gone.

I will have you always in my heart!
Itīs a pity that I could not be there in your party.
But it is difficult to go out of Cologne.

I am also sick.
They call it Borreliose or Alzheimer.
I dont think that I will die of this,
but I am paying attention to what the doctors say.

I have been 10 days in hospital.
And now I feel very good.

My boyfriend Hardy takes care of me and Raji my very old friend helps him.
They are doing everything they can for me.
Now I want to say good bye for now.
Maybe we meet somewhere.
It will be a pleasure!

Much love,


Beloved Sudha, I hope very much and totall totality that you stay another while.
Love cure!
My sister Sudha, I wrote some new songs that you might not have heard yet.
I am not always in these spaces that I sing off.
I remain in love.

Sometimes ( once a week desperation).
Still in love,
Hope to meet you again!
My site: www.myspace.com/rajiarts
Much love, kisses, hugs over and over again!

Yours Raji


beloved Suddha ,
I close my eyes and am with you
will always remember these words you told out loud while coming close to me during a satori you lead in quebec

''there is not such a thing as inside and outside''

You were there really there in this moment ... you wake me up!
beloved thanks for your flame ...
for all you have given to me and all others all these years!

There is so much magnificence in the ocean waves are coming in ...
waves are coming in ...

love to you all ... ways ... ma prem amala from Quebec


Oh Sudha ... once, you've entered my heart ... to never leave. YOU will never die. LOVE



A quick farewell till we meet again sister Su.

"Fly high without any reason"

ma anand sugata - Poona, NewYork, Antelope...


Love to you, Sudha

From Shanti


Beloved Ritu
I stumbled upon this site today as someone told me that Sudha had left her body and stumbled further into the news about Deepesh and your beautiful words.

I know time has passed but wanted to express something for his passing onto another journey but words fail - such a beauty and what a smile and laughter.

Love to you, Nishta


She touched my life, a short satori, never forgotten.

Swami Sureshwar


Will take Sudha in my prayer tonight.
She was an remarkable woman.