I was fortunate to be in Sardarjis presence several times over the years and feel his wonderful energy. He was a real man full of love and light!
Sw. Jivan Rasada

Sardarji is simply unforgettable.

Hi there,
I've found in your Site that Swarup has left his body ...
I'm in shock and I would really appreciate if anybody could send me more information.
my email. erikmunich@yahoo.com Thanku and a lot of love ...

Beloved Krishna,
Thank you very much for sending this!
With love from Bali,
Bhagawati and Anatto - View pics here

hallo ihr lieben, hier kommt eine nachricht von devakrishna, dass sardarji (der in pune immer so schön und laut gelacht hat) seinen körper verlassen hat .. auch asanga (einer von oshos alten indischen schülern, der meditationscamps rund um die welt geleitet hat) ist am 19. dezember gegangen.
für asanga siehe:
alles liebe,

Love to all Sardarjis other friends!!!!!
Ma Antar Ganga

Hello Krishna, I was at Shiva and Nisha's last night with Harito.
They were speaking about Sadarji and I had these thoughts, I thought I would share them.
So, who was Sadarji, an old Sikh warrior who towered above others.
It is said he was very tall and maybe if you were not a friend of the Sikh's you would certainly be cautions around such a warrior.
Well, this is the image I conjure up in my mind when I hear he was a warrior... But this Sikh warrior made a change.
Some 45 years ago, Sadarji came across Osho and decided to stay.
The man who laughed ...
Osho said of Sadarji that he was the only man he knew who laughed before a joke was told, not in the middle, as some might who anticipate the joke as it is coming together, but entirely before the joke began.
This it seems is what made Sadarji so endearing to those that knew him.
Of the many Sannyasins I have come to know or know about, this one had certainly special qualities about him.
He left the body, but he certainly will live on in the wake of his passing with all whom he touched; in presence, in knowing and in the stream of influence one leaves behind in the wind, water, earth, and fire, of life in all its wonder.
Though I have not known him in person, one can feel a sense of the person that was Sardarji in the mere knowing of his existence and the subtlety of his path of laughter.
Swami J

Thanks Krishna for sharing that, I will always remember that laugh ecoing through buddha hall and those were precious days . . . xoxoxo manda

Im glad we met in this life. Many tears came out of my eyes as you were sharing the roaring laughter of an humble emperor. For ever in my heart. Satyam

Want to share short rememberence of Sardarji: March 88, second time being in Pune, not very well oriented, was looking for Indian spices and a carrom board (asian kind of finger billiard)-Sardarji was guard at the main gate, as I asked him he immediately ... Deepesh
(message to long and got automatically cut by the yahoo free service, Deepesh did not read the warning)

Beloved Sadarji, You are incomparable and I, one of your many many spiritual children, miss you and feel great gratitude to have been blessed by your loving laughing presense.
Love, Ramananda

Asanga visited our center in the 90's.
Love to both...Arhata

hello krishna, abbiamo solo il libretto che Sardarji aveva pubblicato lui (sulla sua vita) ma niente foto grazie della notizia che tipo! non lo si dimentica mai
Amiten and Punya

Thank you so much for this message about our beloved Sardarji. All heaven must be laughing right now. We smile him into the next great adventure, and know he will go laughing all the way. Thank you, Archan

Thank you devakrishna, for story about Sardarji.. and for last 'Good by' with smiling, when reading Osho's words about him.


As I think of Swami Sardar Gurudayal Singh today, the very first thing that comes to my mind is how grateful all of Osho's people around the world are to this grand man of laughter. Osho seems to have chosen this real life character to be the instrument he could use for us to learn belly laughter with. To me, this fact alone is enough to command all our love and respect towards Sardar ji.
I feel happy to mention that I have known and loved Sardar ji from the early days of Osho's work. He was always an admirable guy. His connection with Osho has been unique and of its own kind. There is hardly any other single disciple whom Osho has talked about as much as Sardar ji.
Sardar ji also has done his fair share of difficult jobs. For example, in the beginning years of Pune one he shuttled between Pune and Mumbai (Bombay) every day by train - leaving Pune around 7 a.m., returning back after 9 p.m. just to catch up with some sleep and be off in the morning again so he could deliver and pick up letters, messages, documents, supplies of all sorts and press materials at a number of our book and magazine printers. This he did for quite some time. It couldn't have been easy. But that was the only efficient, reliable and fast way to function in those days for a rapidly growing place like ours.
Not many people will know that he was basically a rebel. You will find confirmation of this in part of the following letter that he wrote to me on December 8th, 2005, exactly a month before leaving his body in his native village in the Punjab. This letter, written in acknowledgement of my greeting card to him on the occasion of his 80th birthday on the November 11th, was as unexpected as my greeting card was to him. I kept in touch with him from time to time, but had never sent him birthday greetings before. He says:
"Beloved Pratap ji, I am now 75% better in my body. The spirit is rebellious as usual. What to do? Osho says, 'Do not compromise unless you are a castrated person' - so how can one compromise?"
Sardar ji was always surrounded by a host of sannyasin women at all stages of his journey close to Osho and was always known for his carefree, unselfconscious laughter. Some people must have always been jealous of him on both counts! I know two instances, one during a meditation camp in early 70's in Mount Abu in Rajasthan and the other in 1987 or 88 in Pune, when some prominent people around Osho complained to him against Sardar ji - of course with very valid reasons and arguments as far as they could understand. But on both occasions people were in for a surprise. Osho not only sided with Sardar ji and praised him highly, but also hit the complainants hard, showing them what the real underlying reasons behind their complaints were. Well, that sort of validation from the master is a rare gift and speaks volumes about the man.
There are some beautiful memoirs from Sardar ji's life before meeting Osho and then from his life around Osho as told by Sardar ji himself in a small book that he once spoke in the late 80's and was published later on by some friends.
If I have to sum up Sardar ji in one phrase, I would say: "A simple-hearted man of love."
Yoga Pratap Bharati from Pune

these are photos of Sardarji

hi devakrishna, I read in the Osho tabaan in Hamburg from a print of your pages, that Sardaji left his body and so read a dear friend of mine Devatara. 14 years ago she was in Pune, and during the celebration she made a beautiful shot of him, rather an unusual one. And during our recent white robe meditation I saw a glimpse of him on video, wearing a great red turban. The discourse was "I celebrate myself" # 2 of 1988 - as rather often the jokes of this discourse were dedicated to Sardaji and accompanied by his roaring bursts of laughter - so I took snapshots out of the video and as you asked for pics of him I sent them to you with devatara 's shot and the dedicated jokes of this discourse as well.
Love from snowy hamburg


It is time for Sadar Gurudayal Singh, a really great time! Put on the light, because I want to see the faces of my people laughing!

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Thanks for the message and pictures from Sardarji. It brought up many sweet memories from the time Osho was in his body and making jokes with Sardarji. Also I had a nice connection with Sardarji and remember the fun we had when we were putting a demo together for the Mystic Rose.
I am very happy with your mails you are sending me over the past few years. The pictures of all our friends and ofcourse everything around Disha leaving the body. Please keep up the good work. I enjoy it very much and it keeps me more connected in a sometimes quiet Amsterdam where I work with Colorpuncture.
Thanks, and love also for Meera.

I still have one of his turbans he gave to me a long time ago in Pune. What a surprise to hear he has left his body. Aloha Sadarji, and until we meet again...